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Drug -crazed Amazon tribe invades D. READERS: If your local record or magazine store isn't carrying MRR or runs out of them too quickly and doesn't re-order, please let us know the name of the place so we can tell our distributors where to sell them. Your input is essential. Session Please send a S. If you want to put across an effective argument to an audience, you must make sure that your argument is flawless. Anybody who isn't into hardcore, but does read the lyrics and the zines my mom will be fairly distressed by the poor use of the English language.

Lesson 1: When one is using "you are", as in "you are a rad fisher", the contraction is "you're", not "your". Then say, "Where is your rod, Harry? When something belongs to something else, say, "Your skateboard lost jts front truck!

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Watch out for the truck! Morgan from Canada Dear Morgan, While I quite agree with your sentiments having to decipher and type up letters from functional illiterates is getting to be a bit of a dragI think that your argument would have been stronger if you Wives seeking sex tonight AL Creola 36525 backed it up better.

Hopefully, I corrected all the mistakes in your letter before I printed out this copy. Just for the record, "every time" is a phrase consisting of two words, not one, and it is usually considered standard practice to drop the "e" from "argue" when one adds "-ment" to form the word "argument". In reading his "review, Mr. Farrel fails to mention one word in regard to the music in "New York Scum Haters". He just stated in his review the words "may tell us". What's the matter, you don't know? If so, it is very, very poor journalism on his part, not to mention extremely dangerous and irresponisble.

The temple and the many, many disciples don't take Mr. Farrel's ignorance lightly. The pencil, typerwriter, and the "Gifted" tongue can "spit" out words that can bring rewards or punishment to those who dare to tarnish that wich they the weak don't understand.

If "the honorable" Mr. Orridge sticks needles through his penis, that's his right.

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And may be his duty. Why, Mr. Farrel thinks he can judge that and those which are above himself is a puzzle. Farrel has by his actions created a vicious cycle which must be completed. He has started something that will prove his resistance or his downfall.

No matter what he will win. All he has to lose is ignorance, fear, and beyond any doubt, discipline will take a new meaning in his life. Thank you, for your time. I would appreciate it, if Mr. I expect his reply in the next issue. Stick to hardcore. After a while, you may move on towards other froms of music. Don't Wives seeking sex tonight AL Creola 36525 that which is beyond your brain, Mr. Pain can be a motivator towards stupid behavior control. Either leadfollowor get the fuck out of the way! I turned it in as an essay in my English class and I received an A for the grade. Not bad, huh?

Thanx a lot. And thanx also for keeping me sane down here in Douglas, Georgia, population 15, I've been here for a i year and it gets me sorta down cuz the people here do not like me at all. But I try to push them outta my mind and concentrate on practicing guitar, skating, and reading all I can.

Your zine has kept me informed about what's going on in the alternative music world. My mom loves ya too, cuz she likes HC. She's as great as MRR is, teaching me how to play guitar and drums. Dear MRR, I'm writing for help from Wives seeking sex tonight AL Creola 36525 willing to respond. My reasons are not completely selfless. I will receive credit at the university I attend.

It would be gratifying to expose the youth of this city to new music and new ideas. I was a freshman in H. Radio in Central Illinois is a vast wastelend of trash. I plan to invite local peace groups to attend the show, and recruit followers, much like the military does in our H. Possibly a few will be enlightened. I don't expect a mass conversion, but no one could say "I didn't know there were alternatives".

I would like to have at least one hardcore band with an album out to play the show. It's important that the show remain free to insure everyone's participation. I realize travel costs money. If any bands are interested, contact me and we can work something out. I can arrange a paying show in town or the area we are miles from St. Anyone planning to be in the area in late April or early May, drop me a line.

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Locals write too I may not be familiar with your band. Well, this should clear things Up. It's from XXX 8.

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Mike-That was a long time ago and I really don't like to talk about it, but I knew this guy who was a phot- ographer and he had a friend who was doing a piece on punk rock. The guy came over and. He didn't tape anything and he just wrote it down and there were things that I supposedly said that I knew I never said and there were a lot of things that I said that he gave to other people. They just wanted some- thing fucked up and something that would scare people.

For the articles, what else. MRR, Who came up with this "punkette" bullshit? Any female calling herself a "punkette" should have her head examined. Punks are punks. I'm no one's cheerleader! I'd love to hear from anyone. Write to me. I was jumped and beaten in a subway tonight Wives seeking sex tonight AL Creola 36525 6 guys who stole a bag containing all your addresses, in addition to every word I've written for 3 months.

Please, please, please For example, that asshole business guy, Chris of Bad Compilation Tapes, has lied a lot about us Ask him how much money he stole from us. The final days we spent in NY, he had us staying with some lunatic nazi skins, without money and food, because he wouldn't pay us what he owed us. As to the problem about phone calls we made to Finland from the States We asked Chris if we could call our girl friends, record label, and parents, and he said that he would pay for them.

Now, we hear that we burned people! This is not true! Obscene Report. It's great to see the living god back in action! As a former New Hampshirite, I feel it is necessary to include our state in your scene reports.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Creola 36525

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