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Home ยป Who is Zoe Saldana Husband in ? Is She Married? She was the second-highest-grossing movie actress of all time in Judging from her movies and TV series, Saldana sounds like a badass woman. But how about her love life?

Curious about her other relationships? Marco Perego is an Italian artist. Zoe and Marco have been married since June and already have three children. February, How awesome is that? They sound like a lovely family! Zoe and Marco first met when they were in New York.

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And she said that she knew Marco 5 years before they get married but only dating for two months. She dated Marco just before she shot for Infinitely Polar Bear. I found all my answers with him, not in him. I want to take him along to find my answers on my own. Well, at least it is for Zoe and Marco! This shows how pretty much in love they both are. Their marriage becomes stronger during their period of Who is zoe saldana dating now.

Bradley Cooper, as we all know already, is an American actor and filmmaker that has a well-known and prominent name in Hollywood. He was also voted as the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in Starting from there, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana were in an unstable relationship, an on-and-off one from December until December In less than a year, specifically in Marchthey broke up, and both of them stayed single for six months long.

Not long after that, they rekindled. Then suddenly, all of the Hollywood headlines were about them being in a Who is zoe saldana dating now again. Some rumors even said that they broke up more than just once, implying the fact that they might break up after their encounter in Marchbut then rekindled again. Some sources have stated that Bradley broke up with Zoe only because he no longer wanted to be in a relationship. Bradley decided to be single after two years of an on-and-off relationship with Zoe.

There were also rumors that they both live very different lives and have very different visions for their future. I crossed you off my list. Moving on. But what else can we say? She was spiting the truth only. But, we can already guess that two years of an unstable relationship indeed does not sound good.

Zoe and Keith started their relationships in and then getting engaged in June They broke up a year after.

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Zoe even wanted to have kids with Keith before. They both also had once talked about starting a real family together. Sounds pretty serious, actually. Zoe said their breakup was peaceful and based on a mutual agreement.

They continue to be a business partner on their fashion website called My Fashion Database. Despite that fact, we still need to know what exactly happened between them. When Zoe had a relationship with Keith, she was in the middle of filming so many big hit movies, and it was pretty crucial for her career.

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But, Zoe once decided to wait for Keith. What a surprise, right? Some other sources also publicly stated that Zoe was never the one who was brave to be alone or single. This made sense because less than a year after breaking up with Britton, Zoe dated Bradley. Just after Bradley broke up with her that she then realized she had to focus on herself more.

A brave statement supported her bold decision. Looking at the fact that Zoe Saldana is happily married now, with three lovely children, it is safe to say that she finally ends her self-discovery journey. After being more than a decade being in two relationships with Who is zoe saldana dating now rollercoaster chunk of emotions, and a period of focusing on herself, she finally settles with the love of her life.

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Who is zoe saldana dating now

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