Where to get a massage with happy ending

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Sex Lines List. Before we go on, please note that we do not promote any illegal acts of any kind. This article is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Ready for a stiffy anyone? Yes, these happy ending massages have been going on for centuries, and much like everything else that is now illegal, it first started out as totally legal medication or even a form of therapy. However, this process proved to be far too time-consuming for Physicians to continue, and thus arose the vibrator! These guys live, breathe, and taste massage parlors, and are always searching for the best masseuses that give the best happy endings.

Mongers have their own language, lingo, and even their own communities. In fact, if you want to know where the best parlors are with the sexiest, most erotic massages, the Mongers will be the best group of people to ask! First, you walk in unsuspiciously, being watched on a camera from the moment you pull in and you more than likely will have to be buzzed in the door.

The girls have to be safe after all. Remember, this is an illegal practice in the United States. In the room, you will be asked to get comfortable. Typically an erotic massage can go one of three ways:. This also depends on whether or not you ask for half an hour service Where to get a massage with happy ending a full hour service.

Some places may even have more or less time, and some places go even further offering you showering services. This basically means that the masseuses will bathe you erotically, with the both of you nude in a sauna type of environment, right before the "big bang". Again, this all depends on the lady, the parlor, and every little detail of the massage how long, is it nude or topless, blowjob or handjob, sauna bathetc.

Another major component to think about is the tip. They have doorbells to buzz in, and typically a secretive parking lot with a back door to leave without anyone noticing you. A great way to find these parlors before heading out around town is to visit your local craigslist and skim the for girls willing to give out massages with happy endings. Remember, Where to get a massage with happy ending are some places in the world that these parlors exist in and they are very illegal.

Pull in and walk in with some respect for the place and the people working there. When asked about the reasons you are there, because the girls will have to feel you out too, never just blurt anything out. Sadly, sometimes the first time goes down much like a drug deal. This could ruin all of your chances of getting the best girl available or even just your chance at getting the best services they provide. They might even want to rush you out of the room, so please guys, take your showers before visiting! You are always Where to get a massage with happy ending to ask if you are able to see every available girl, but remember that you may be making the girl who answered you feel out of place when asking - so be polite about it.

If they wanted to do more with you after that, you would know it. Always thank the woman who gave you the massage and your ever-so-happy ending, tip her, and then be on your way just as discreetly as you came in. If you play all of your cards right with her and the entire team, you might just become one of their favorites and receive specials or discounts on the house from time to time. Never publicly discuss the parlor and never give away the name of the place, or any names of the girls. If you think you are ready and this is your first time, relax.

Understand this is what these ladies do for a living and they've seen it all. Don't worry about the size of your penis or how you might look coming into a place like that, just be happy there are beautiful women out there ready and waiting for you to come - no pun intended. January 7,am. I always wondered about these 'massage places' and was curious as to how they actually went down. I gotta be honest, after reading this article I actually feel a little better about it and kinda want to try one out now. I think I just might have to use your tips on how to show the girl that I'm 'cool' too.

Livelinks 60 Min Free Trial. Fonochat 30 Min Free Trial. Vibeline 30 Min Free Trial. Two Talkers 60 Min Free Trial. When Did It Start? A happy ending massage is exactly what it sounds like - a massage with a happy ending. Where did it start? When did it start? What goes down in a happy ending massage. How much does a happy ending massage cost?

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Where can you find a happy ending massage? Tips when visiting a massage parlor. Be respectful. Be very discreet.

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Give them a reason to remember you. Take a shower beforehand. You're allowed to pick a parlor. Don't ask for sex.

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After the happy ending. Are you ready? Similar Articles. Our Chat Lines Chat anonymously with local callers in the U. S and Canada. Comments Arnold Carter January 7,am I always wondered about these 'massage places' and was curious as to how they actually went down. Submit comment Rating Excellent Good Not bad. Bad Horrible. Close reply Submit Comment. Free Trials U. And Canada Real Singles. Livelinks 60 Minutes Free Trial

Where to get a massage with happy ending

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Asian Massage Parlor & Spa Guide to a Happy Ending