What to watch on ketamine

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Discussion in ' Other Drugs ' started by crankheartApr 25, Hip Forums. WriterApr 25, I can't concentrate for a second to movies on K, and especially if the rest of the room is dark then the TV will put alot of strain on my eyes. On lower doses, smoking weed and listening to music is the best, and on hole doses theres not much else to do other than to lay down and listen to music of course.

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Magical mystery tourguideApr 25, Lay outside and stare at the stars. Nature absorbs you it's amazing, you're floating above it all and know all off the hidden secrets about life in that moment.

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Having sex while watching Alice In Wonderland on K was pretty fun too. Smitty25Apr 25, I'm poisoned!

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Smitty25Apr 26, LSD allows my mind to see new opportunities while playing the guitar or perhaps writing or something. In the depths of a k hole I couldnt even tell you what a guitar is. The LSD example still may fall under your category of 'tool' but its the drug in and of itself allowing this new reflection and interpretation of the music and writing. While ketamime certainly has its own form of altered thinking its not conducive to literally anything for me until after the fact.

Its a pure sensory experience. I enjoy ketamime and don't take all drugs for these functional purposes but that's what I consider mind expanding. In the end most of What to watch on ketamine the drug is really going to impact a person is based on the person themself. Smitty25Apr 27, I guess that's just it with ketamine I found in the end I just wanted to feel nothingness, apathetic, lifeless, an enlightened yet soulless position of just being, contained in my own ketamine bubble, dead and shut off.

I've never tried heroin but I have found descriptions of heroin use to be much more closely related to ketamime then psychedelics. I only used it for a short period of time but I may have used it more than all the other hallucinogens combined.

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Someone on here mentioned how LSD, mushrooms, mescaline and those hallucinogens represented life while ketamine represents death. I find that to be somewhat true and find some sort of joy and fond memories in the traditional psychedelics. I confess that in the K-hole, impossible for me to look at a movie or at the TV But, I do need some light and music in the room to prevent me from Show Ignored Content.

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