What to do when a girl kisses you

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Are you dating a girl who you are waiting to kiss, but are confused whether or not it is the right time? A kiss, while being the most magical thing to begin your relationship, can also be the cause for the doom of your dating timeline. So you need to know when she is ready to be kissed to avoid the doom. It is difficult to determine whether she wants you to kiss her.

It is therefore important that both of you are on the same. Kissing her at the wrong moment can have these probable outcomes:. So, if you do not want to be called the creep she went out with or that pervert who could not wait to stick his tongue down her throat, look out for the s she wants to kiss you.

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Related reading: 5 thoughts a girl has after her first kiss. Just look for these s and you will have your answer. You will know the kissing als and when to kiss your date. While you are having a conversation with her, is she looking into your eyes dreamily? Well, she could just be paying attention. This is your time to pay attention to detail. Look whether she is staring at you while tilting her neck or playing with her hair.

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If it is so, she is definitely into you and could want more than just a cup of coffee. If she laughs at your jokes, leans in to show a deeper interest in your conversations, she is interested in you. If she sits more freely than guarding her postureit means she is comfortable. This is a clear she wants you to kiss her. In the middle of your date, if she gently puts her hair to one side, exposing her neck, it is because she wants you to see it. Exposing her neck and tilting it slightly means she wants you to be romantic with her. Her touching you frequently or gently pressing your arm means she is comfortable with you.

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She may let you rest your arm on her shoulder or does not mind you holding her hand. These s indicate she is ready to get past the awkwardness and is open to having something more. She could be the bold one and be open with how she feels.

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If she slips into the washroom for a quick touch-up even after the date is over, it is because she is expecting to have close facial contact. She wants to look her best and a quick touch up of a li[stick and powder helps her do that. Does she ask you to walk her home instead of dropping her in a cab?

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Or she does not get out of the car even after reaching home and keeps talking to you. She may even ask you to take a short drive with her. If you cannot decide whether or not to kiss her, the goodbye hug will do the job for you. When you hug her to see whether she pulls back in seconds or lingers. She may also draw you closer and brush her hand downwards. After the date, she invites you to her house when there are a dozen places you can go to.

She is comfortable with sharing her personal life with you. She says she wants you to read her blog or wants you to see her collection of books. These What to do when a girl kisses you indicate she wants to take this to the next level. After those initial warm conversations, slow down and kiss her. If you are willing to take a chance, it is better to do it with consent.

Asking her whether you can kiss her shows how much you respect her consent and shows the strength of character too. Moreover, appear relaxed when kissing her to have and give her a good time. The first kiss has to be special because it is an image she will remember throughout the time you are dating.

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It is the first step to your romance and intimacy as a couple. If you are kissing a girl for the first time, make sure you know what you are doing, because you do not want her ending up with just your saliva in her mouth. A kiss is a very important determiner in a relationship, and thus it is important to look for the perfect moment to make it magical.

What to do when a girl kisses you the same time, do not ignore the s that your girlfriend may be giving you, or else she could think you are a wuss, or worse, gay. Kissing someone for the first time is a moment that stays forever, makes it slow, makes it special and make it count — and do this at the right moment.

My girlfriend of two years does not like even light physical touches. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Love and Romance. Angelina Gupta April 20, Table of Contents. She flicks her hair. Hug will tell you if she wants to be kissed. Dating Tips First kiss Intimacy Kissing kissing als when you can kiss your girl.

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What to do when a girl kisses you

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