Twin sex stories

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I had lived next door to Janice and Judy Price for 9 years. Since we were all 7 years old in fact. We played almost every afternoon and they helped me with homework.

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We would talk about traveling together and houses and where we would live. Judy and Janice were identical Twin sex stories and often tried to trick me and everyone else by pretending to be the other one. But I always knew… you see Judy had a small scar on her left hand on the back just near the wrist where she fell of my skateboard and cut it, requiring 5 stitches. I went away for 12 months after school finished helping Uncle Jack on the farm.

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When I got home I tossed my bag on my bed. The room was stuffy so I walked over and opened the window. I looked out — and saw the cubby-house we spent hours playing in when were young. I showered and tossed on a tee and some jeans and walked down stairs. Working on the farm was better than a gym workout as each day you were up from first light until the sun went down.

Always moving, fixing, digging, bailing or rounding up something. I had become quite a good horseman in my time and developed a new confidence in myself. We sat and talked for a while - me telling them some adventures - the G-rated ones anyway. As soon as I walked in the both Janice and Judy jumped up and ran to hug me.

The girls were both beautiful their bodies were firm and their beasts poked through the work-out singlets they were both wearing with Lycra shorts. Janice in blue and Judy in black. She had always been the more forward of the two. Janice loved metal music cars and sport. Judy loved art classical and big band swing Twin sex stories and poetry. Judy grabbed my hand and we all walked out to the rear porch - somewhere we had spent hours and hours when we were growing up. It seemed smaller. Did you? Look Judy feel his muscles.

He could pick us both up and…. They are not shy out that way. In fact they were great taught me some things I am proud to say. So are you staying around? Call it my inquisitive nature if you like, but I wanted to know if they tasted the same, felt the same and fucked the same.

I had dreamt of it when I was a. And if life on the farm has taught me anything, I now know Twin sex stories waiting for something leaves you just that… waiting. That would be great. More just skinny dipping at the creek, fucking in the hay and drinking the local hooch. So when are we going? Or maybe we could just go upstairs and have a party of our own. Our parents came out and ed us and the rest of the evening Twin sex stories on with laughter and talk of years back.

Janice disappeared and had been gone for 30 minutes or so. So I decided to look for her. I walked up the stairs to find her in her room.

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I want to suck it. All 9 inches dropped out so it was sitting resting on my jeans. The flaps of my jeans hung down and I walked over to the bed Twin sex stories was laying on. Why have you never got that out before? Steven chapel took that, years ago.

She slid off the bed onto her knees, grabbed hold of my meat in her right hand and started sucking it. I felt something hard and smooth rub along the base of my shaft. I looked down at her not knowing what it was. She saw my puzzled look and poked her tongue out it contained a small colored ball on a tongue ring. I had had my cock sucked weekly at the farm. The girls out Twin sex stories had great pulling and sucking technique. Maybe it was getting the cows ready to apply the milking machines not sure? I just know they always felt fucking great and never left me without milking my supply dry.

She started to suck harder and harder her head bobbing back and forward as she pulled my cock from the base up as she sucked and bit and licked the head into her mouth. Her spare hand had reached down and was rubbing her pussy between her thighs. A small wet patch had appeared through her pants and it was getting bigger the more she rubbed it. Faster and faster she sucked pulling my cock out and slapping her own face with it, holding the shaft high and lapping it like a dog. She was possessed with lust and she was in her element.

She moved back to suck my balls, all the time her hand worked my cock. Pulling it from shaft to tip faster and faster as she rolled my balls around in her mouth then started to suck my cock once again. I stepped back and lifted her up. I pushed her back on her single bed. She laid across it. The patch on her pants had grown. I Twin sex stories her shorts and pulled them off in one swoop. Her pussy was as beautiful with her small lips shaved and a small strip of hair showing where her pleasure piece was hiding. I wasted no time and started to lick her already hard, wanton clit.

She moaned. My hands reached up and took hold of her firm pert breasts; her nipples were hard under her sports bra and needed touching. I worked my hands under her clothes and Twin sex stories pulling her tits out free for me to feel.

I held them both tight in my hands her nipples growing in my palms. My tongue went back to work on her pussy. I licked and sucked each lip into my mouth then following them up, spending time on her clit and down the other side licking inside her hole as far as my tongue world reach and back up to her clit again.

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I reached for her pillow and flicked it to her, she covered her face as the orgasm hit, her central nervous system exploding throughout her whole body. She shook and convulsed. I pressed harder to her love mound ensuring to keep contact as she bucked and rode my face until her pleasure subsided. I continued to lick and grabbed my finger and started playing with just the inner edge of her pussy just before her love tunnel opened to her inner well of joy. I finished buttoning up my jeans and headed for the door. Janice pointed at her pussy and said. She walked in and Twin sex stories next to me.

I looked at her and saw her eyes were filled with want. I kissed her with a fierce passion. She pulled her head back and leant in as if restarting a skipping record. Her kiss was tender and soft. Her hands reached for my face as she kissed me her tongue soft darted in and out of my mouth softly slowly licking and sucking on my lips - it was so tender not like last night.

I kissed her neck biting hard again - she pulled away. I kissed her neck and gave small little bites as I worked along her collarbones and back to her mouth cupping Twin sex stories face in my hand holding her chin I kissed her lips lightly. Then started on down to her chest. Her nipples stood to attention willing me to suck on them. I licked around the areola and the tip of the nipple softly biting right at the end.

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I saw her pelvis start to rise as my mouth sucked on one nipple then the other. I started to suck and squeeze a bit harder until she moved my hand away.

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This girl that was so hot and willing slapping my face with my hard cock as she shoved it deep into her own Twin sex stories gagging and then sucking some more. This girl that held my head and bucked fucked my face better than any bronco we broke in at the farm. I reached for her hands rubbing them as he laid back her eyes closed enjoying the pleasure my mouth was now giving her nipples.

I kissed tenderly as her hands rubbed through my hair. I again reached for her hand and saw the small scar right next to her wrist. My cocked stiffened and throbbed in my pants. Janice last night tasted so sweet now part two was coming true.

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I placed both my hands up her skirt and pulled off her G-string - Judy lifting her hips and helping it on its way. I stopped and looked at her. I know Judy so well for years and I have never seen here eyes like this. Lust filled and totally Twin sex stories on now. I moved kissing her mouth and placing little star burst kisses around her face. Moving and kissing and licking nibbling her ears she moaned. Her words were there but I was lost in my own inner pleasure kissing each section of her and finding what made her squirm my hand now cupping her face as the other rested behind her head.

I Twin sex stories her with her slow, long, strong kisses letting our tongues dance together and enjoying the feel of her skin. Her hands reached for me but I had moved and worked my way down her body sucking her hard nipples in my mouth showering her breasts with more star bursts as she grabbed hold of my head and ran her fingers through my hair. I worked kissing and lightly biting along her sides and over her stomach down to her groin.

I sucked and licked slowly along her pleasure mound noticing she was shaped just like her sister but with no clit marking pubes in sight. She was clean, bare and beautiful. I moved again between her legs lifting one leg over Twin sex stories head as I found her beautiful bliss. I kissed it direct on the pleasure pad and slowly licked down firstly to the left her hand cupped the top of my head on the left side then back over to the right her other had cupping the right side of my hair.

My tongue found her pleasure bud and holding the skin up just above her clit I found her inner love.

Twin sex stories

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My twin sister and me pt. 2