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The IHDI recognizes that Baby Tula has developed products that consider the important of healthy hip development during infancy. This is especially important during the early stages of hip development in the first few months after birth.

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Baby Tula do not recommend placing your child in forward facing position in the Free-to-Grow Carrier. If you would like a carrier with the option to forward face, Baby Tula and Baby Carriers Australia recommend the Explore Tula Baby Carrier that allows you to face in, face out and back carry. The narrow setting can be used for newborns and babies at Tula carrier australia minimum weight of 7lbs, approximately months. The middle setting can be used for babies months of age, and the widest setting is suitable for taller babies 9 months and older. Please note that these recommendations are guidelines and may vary depending on the height and size of the individual baby.

Always ensure proper placement of baby in the carrier including leg placement. The Free-to-Grow Carrier has a fully adjustable panel allowing you to use it starting when baby is just 7 pounds without an infant insert. The Free-to-Grow Carrier features three width settings — narrow, middle and wide, and two height settings — short and tall, to accommodate babies of many sizes Tula carrier australia a customized fit.

The Free-to-Grow carrier can be used beginning at 7 pounds without the need for an Infant Insert! The IHDI recognizes that Baby Tula has developed products that consider the importance of healthy hip development during infancy. This innovative de allows baby to be placed in a more seated position rather than dangling. Baby Tula recommend waiting to back carry your child until they have strong and consistent head, neck, and torso control, and can push him or herself independently into, and remain in, a seated position on a consistent basis. When determining what height position to place the support pillow in, ensure that your baby is visible and their ear is clearing the top of the panel.

The support pillow can provide additional support for a Tula carrier australia child or a sleeping child in the front carry facing in or in the back carry. The support pillow should not be used in the tall position when your child is facing out. The support pillow flipped down and inside the panel of the Explore Baby Carrier provides additional support for newborns with little to no head or neck control.

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Once your baby begins to show s of head and neck control, you may move the pillow to the Tula carrier australia of the carrier. A wonderful benefit of all Tula Carriers is the ability to nurse baby while they are being carried. To do this, you can loosen your arm straps and lower the waistband, without unbuckling any buckles, and position baby to your chest. You will want to reposition baby once they are done feeding or if they fall asleep.

However, The Tula Baby community has long been asking Baby Tula to create a baby carrier that offers the facing out position.

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Baby Tula worked to responsibly de an ergonomic carrier that is easy to use and supports the facing out position. Before attempting this position, ensure that your child has head and neck control, is tall enough to have their face fully clear the top of the body panel while being seated in the carrier, and meets the minimum weight of 13 lb.

The Explore Baby Carrier offers multiple positions to carry baby including front carry for infant, baby and toddler, forward-facing and back carry for a baby and toddler. Each position provides a natural, ergonomic position that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby. The narrow setting can be used for newborns and babies at a minimum weight of 7 lb, approximately months. The Tula Explore Baby Carrier allows you to front carry your baby in the facing out position when your baby is between lb, has head and neck control, Tula carrier australia is tall enough to have their face fully clear the top of the body panel while being seated in the carrier.

Your child should not sleep in this position. If your child falls asleep in the facing out position, be sure to position them back to facing in or take them out of the carrier. Baby Tula do not recommend using the Explore Baby Carrier until baby is at least 7 lb. An infant insert is not needed for the Explore Baby Carrier. The front carry facing out position is not intended for use with a newborn baby or with no head or neck control.

Watch Tula carrier australia baby for s of over-stimulation or tiredness.

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If your baby falls asleep, be sure to turn them back into the facing in position. The Tula Explore Carrier also features a padded, support pillow that can be adjusted to provide head and neck support for Tula carrier australia, or to add extra panel height for taller babies. Copyright Baby Carriers Australia. All Rights Reserved. All prices are in AUD. Same day dispatch!

Wishlist Buy Now, Pay Later. Buy Now via Credit Card or Paypal. FAQ — Baby Tula. What if my baby is below the weight limit, can I still use it? Can my baby face forward in the Free-to-Grow Carrier? What is the weight limit for the Free-to-Grow Carrier? The weight limit Tula carrier australia the Free-to-Grow Carrier is 7 — 45 pounds. What are the product measurements for the Free-to-Grow baby carrier? Weight of the carrier: 1. What panel width setting should the Explore Baby Carrier be in when using it in the front carry facing out position?

Be sure that the seat width is always at the widest setting when using the facing out position. Is forward facing an ergonomic position for baby to be carried in the Explore carrier? When Tula carrier australia baby ready to be worn in the back carry position? When should I use the support pillow in the tall position? Why do I need the support pillow for the newborn position?

What are the measurements of the Explore Baby Carrier? Depending on the neck pillow placement, the height of the panel is What is the Explore Baby Carrier made of? What are the buttons made of? Can I breastfeed while using the Explore Baby Carrier? Why have you now decided to offer a carrier that allows for forward facing out? What positions can you carry baby and toddlers in the Explore Baby Carrier? When can I carry my baby in the front carry facing out position?

The Explore Baby Carrier is the only Tula carrier deed for the forward facing position. Do I need an infant insert for the Explore Baby Carrier? How can I make sure my baby is comfortable? Can I use the hood in the facing out position? The hood is not intended to be used when baby is facing out in the Tula Explore Carrier.

Can baby face out in the back carry position? The facing out carrying position is not intended for back carries. Subscribe to our Newsletter. First Name.

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