Sapiosexual definition webster

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So how does a word or a revised definition of a word qualify for entry in the dictionary? Emily Brewster, a senior editor from Merriam-Webster, says the lexicographers have criteria that are somewhat flexible.

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Rather, they observe and report on language. Brewster uses this as an example of a word that exists and is used but its meaning is unclear, which is why it has not qualified for entry in the dictionary.

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The term Covid was added in the dictionary in a record 34 days. Even at 34 days old, we knew this word is not going anywhere.

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You could cure the disease the next day, and it would still be appearing in books and articles. Brewster says lexicographers pay attention to how language changes, and how culture and social media influence the addition of new words. Although the coronavirus pandemic has played a huge role in our collective experience as a society, this new update from Merriam-Webster also included words relating to identity, gender and sexuality.

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I think folx is so interesting, especially because it absolutely requires that the word be seen. Second gentleman, sapiosexual and long-hauler: New words added to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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Hannah Herrera GreenspanJan 31 Senior editor at Merriam-Webster says there are a of criteria words have to meet before being added to the dictionary that shows the word is an established member of the language. The definition of a newly added word, sapiosexual, in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Sapiosexual definition webster

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