Really large clits

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The labia minora are the small folds of thin and delicate skin that lie on each side of the actual vaginal introitus. They are about 0. It is important to note that the actual range is much wider, with normal variants being anywhere from 1. Interestingly, the two labia of the same woman are very often of different lengths. This shows that ificant variations in labial size from one side to the other, as well as between different women, is perfectly normal and should never be interpreted as hypertrophy or abnormal in any way.

The clitoris is also between 0. Contrary to popular thought, a larger clitoris is associated with greater enjoyment and a higher chance of experiencing sexual climax. It would seem to be counterproductive to reduce the size of this organ to enhance sexual pleasure, or indeed for any purely aesthetic Really large clits Labial length and other aspects of labial anatomy have come into the limelight in current decades.

This may be traced to many psychosocial rather than medical changes in current thought regarding the female body. These include the excessive compulsion to have a perfect body, the model for which is often the digitally modified image of the undernourished and cosmetically altered female model.

Another reason may be the early exposure of the developing adolescent mind to pornographic and other ubiquitous images of prepubertal female models including their genital anatomy, which accustoms and Really large clits them to think of and expect the normal vulva to appear the same. In a society which has been taught to think that the barely visible labia of Really large clits little girl not yet in her teens are the norm for an adult woman past her twenties, it is easy to understand that having supposedly over-large labia may cause the feeling that something is wrong, leading to psychological problems.

It has been established that more than two-thirds of women who ask for labiaplasty have this underlying motivation, rather than purely functional problems which are so uncommon as to be unlikely.

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These include abnormal odor, irritation due to tight underwear or while cycling, sitting or walking, and problems with sexual intercourse. It is hard to conceive of this being a ground for surgical intervention, however. It is very clear that what is very often called labial hypertrophy by both doctor and patient is simply a variant of normal, Really large clits is supported by the few studies available on female genital dimensions. Again, having asymmetrical labia is simply one common variant of normal.

Pigmentation of the labial edges is similar to that of the lips of the face, and should in no case be considered unsightly. For all these reasons, it is a dangerous thing to encourage females to view any part of their anatomy as abnormal unless it causes ill-health or is obviously beyond the upper limits of variation seen in healthy females. Labial hypertrophy has been attempted to be defined in terms of labial length. Others define labial hypertrophy as anything over 4 or 5 cm and advocate correction if desired, but acknowledge that most cases are congenital in origin, which implicitly means it is a normal variant.

Acquired labial hypertrophy may be due to several causes which are extremely rare, however. They include:. In most women, the labia do become larger in the reproductive years and acquire their distinctive pigmentation in many. They start to shrink in the perimenopausal years and afterwards. She has counseled hundreds of patients facing issues from pregnancy-related problems Really large clits infertility, and has been in charge of over 2, deliveries, striving always to achieve a normal delivery rather than operative.

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Thomas, Liji. Average Labia and Clitoral Length.

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Cancel reply to comment. In commemoration of World Brain DayNews-Medical spoke to renowned neurology expert Professor Alan Thompson about his incredible career in brain research. In our latest interview, we spoke to Dr. Accept Cookie Settings. By Dr. Written by Dr. Liji Thomas Dr. Download PDF Copy.

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Read in:. Citations Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: APA Thomas, Liji. MLA Thomas, Liji. Chicago Thomas, Liji. Harvard Thomas, Liji. The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not Really large clits reflect the views and opinions of News Medical.

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Latest News. Researchers develop ovarian tumor microenvironment-chip to test novel ways to treat the disease. Novel therapeutic Really large clits could be effective for treating cancers with certain gene mutations. Study finds unacceptable mental health service shortfalls for children in high-income countries. Study reflects shortcomings in how the U. Gene therapy protects optic nerve cells and preserves vision in glaucoma mouse models.

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Really large clits

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Average Labia and Clitoral Length