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If you are suffering from an illness that makes it difficult for you to date, you might want to consider a dating website for health conditions. Ricky Durham created Prescription4Love. His brother had Crohns disease, which is type of inflammatory bowel disease. His weight should have been around pounds but at times, he weighed between 75 to pounds. He had a colostomy bag, which made it difficult for him to date because he didn't know when was a good time talk about it.

Therefore, Ricky thought if his brother could use a website to meet someone that had the same disease, he wouldn't have to worry about disclosing anything. Ricky's brother, Keith, passed away July 15, Back then, the website was in the developmental stage but he liked the idea. I have been contacted by numerous people Prescription 4 love dating site me for starting a site like this.

They have told me that whenever they tell someone about their illness the person will eventually stop dating them. They also said it's difficult to explain to someone the reasons why they are taking so many medications.

It's also difficult to disclose depending on your disease why at the last minute you can't go out on a date, or if you do go out on a date why you have to be seated close to a bathroom, or why you cannot eat certain foods.

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We have also found that many people look for dates and friendship with people that have different diseases from their own. You can up at Prescription 4 Love. Then you log on and use the search. The search enables you to criteria for someone you would like to date. A profile so members can explain everything they are interested in and the ability to post more than one picture.

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We offer and instant messaging within the site. We also allow members to save people as their favorites. In the near future, we will be offering a much like Facebook so members can keep up with what's going on in each other's life. When looking for a date with someone with the same or different disease, remember that we all have our own struggles to deal with.

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LoveToKnow Dating would like to thank Ricky Durham for taking the time to tell us about his dating website for health conditions. What types of difficulties does a single person with a health condition experience? Why find a date that is suffering from the same problems?

What is important to remember when you are dating someone with a disability or illness? Be patient. Even though you might have the same illness, each situation is different.

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How do singles find love on your site? Is there a charge for your site? What special features do you offer to help people connect with others? All Rights Reserved.

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