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Many men about town are experts on bargirls and know all about what they think, what they do and why they do it. This reporter, not being an expert and having grown up in this region, felt knowledge deficient and decided to talk to the girls themselves.

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I had the chance to talk to five of the dancers in a Pattaya bar. They requested that no pictures be taken. Su: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the tourism and the of customers.

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Taen: Look, you! Where do you expect us to work? I only finished fourth grade. To get decent jobs you Pataya bar girls to have finished. But no one wants us. Taen: Oh, come on. Su: Thai men like women who have light complexions and different body types than us. Tor: In most ways they are. Thai men come to bars for one reason. To enjoy themselves. Taen: Oy, yo, yo! Farang men. What a bunch of neurotics! And boring.

They get drunk and Pataya bar girls have to sit and listen for hours as they tell us their endless problems. I want to get my job done and take care of the next customer. We see many very beautiful farang women here in Pattaya. Let me talk! I think that the real reason is that these men themselves are not charming enough to attract their own kind. Taen: You like to play stupid. When we start getting past the age of attraction and meet a man who is halfway decent and responsible, we marry him.

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Su: A lot of Thai men are very charming, sweet and handsome. But they lack a sense of responsibility toward their family duties. Toi: The best thing is to have a farang husband and a Thai lover on the side giggles all round. A good person who loves and cares about his family and is reasonably stable.

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Eh: I never thought about getting married. Taen: Dammit! Farang men never believe it when we tell them the truth, but accept all our lies. When I grow up I can go to Pattaya and sell myself to a bunch of dirty old men? All of us would like to have a good education like you. Everybody thinks this is easy money. Everyone looks at us and looks down on us. Her Majesty has Metta compassion for all Thai people. Please come back and visit again. Pataya bar girls can be our psychologist.

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Pataya bar girls

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