One night stand in dubai

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Return to Dubai Romance. One Night Stand Topic locked. Let's just say some guy had a one night stand and it turned out that the 'date' was an arabic woman who claimed she was Lebanese and christian Being a naive guy after a few bears, although a bit suspicous, the guy decides to go ahead and has sexual intercourse For a of reasons, the guy suspects the girl had deliberately split the condom during a BJ lol However, he's pretty sure it isn't a bank statement or passport Bottom line Could anybody give some advice on the best thing to do in this case, assuming the girl is a local.

What are the consequences for the non-muslim guy??? What are your thoughts, guys??

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If she is local or not she is in more serious trouble than you. She cannot go to a doctor in the UAE because if she is not married the doctor is legally bound to report her to the authorities if she is pregnant and single. Her religion is of no consequence. No court in the UAE or the middle east would allow her right to a paternity test. Dont worry.

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Posts: Location: Thats a fair summary Robbie. Thanks guys. Lol busa Trying not to dig too deep here but I guess there could be an even worse worst case scenario! What if she is married and that the guy gets accused of adultery or worse Why she'd do this I'm not sure!! Just that worrying thought that 'they' may always believe the local in a word against word situation. Posts: Location: Dubai.

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Alternately, she could not be pregnant and was looking for something with your name on it because you never One night stand in dubai her who you are Chocoholic wrote: Again, sadly under local laws the woman always comes off worse. In Sharia law it's always the woman's fault, because men are never never at fault and never do anything wrong. Chocoholic wrote: In Sharia law it's always the woman's fault, because men are never never at fault and never do anything wrong. You are telling us different versions in your two posts.

First you said she is Lebanese chritian. Then later you said local? Local means am emarati muslim? Then you said she is pregnant and it happened 2 days ago? How can you know in 2 days if she is preg or not? Then you talk about running from the country when you came to know she is a married woman.

I am lost, so please tell us the right version otherwise it could be just a one night stand and you have made a mountain out of a mole Now if all you mentioned is correct, then simply meet the girl again and go down on your knees and beg her to spare you Cheers. Posts: 86 Location: The Desert.

One night stand in dubai

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