No matches on tinder android

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I finally managed to solve the "no more profiles" problem in the new Tinder version, but it turned out it didn't help much because it simply has a problem with not giving you any matches.

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The problem: When I used older versions of tinder 2. I think this is pretty average for an average guy.

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With the newest version of tinder 3. I liked everyone and still didn't get more than matches in total which is abysmal. Something seemed wrong Simply downgrade your tinder to an older version Tinder 2. Here is a link to the one I downloaded on to my android smartphone. I don't know how long it will still be on this website so better No matches on tinder android to your own computer. I spammed the liked button and I have now gotten a "normal match repspond". I already have more than 10 from 10 minutes of spamming, which I couldnt get in days with the newest version.

I think the problem in the new version 3. My samsung galaxy 4 mini with its small amount of RAM also has trouble running the newest version.

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At least it seems much smoother on the 2. I heard being attractive fixes the problem as well. Not confirmed. How to solve the "no matches" problem in Tinder android.

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Posted by 7 years ago. The thing you can do: Simply downgrade your tinder to an older version Tinder 2.

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Hope that helps you all Tinder away! Sort by: best. Source: Attractive. Haha, I knew that joke was coming Continue this thread.

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No matches on tinder android

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What is Tinder no matches bug?