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These soon-to-be moms and d were looking way beyond when to push and when to breathe-they wanted help finding day care, choosing a pediatrician, picking a car seat. And they New parents network chicago to hear it from those who had been there before: other parents.

Ian Smithdahal and his son, Gabriel, 3, in Lincoln Park. Smithdahl says Neighborhood Parents Network has helped him navigate the ins and outs of raising a kid in the heart of the city. Over the next several years, small phone trees and babysitting co-ops sprang up around the city and its suburbs. These parents saw themselves as somehow different, in the trenches. Its name is now the Neighborhood Parents Networkand its membership, 4, families strong, stretches from Evanston to Hyde Park to the far West Side. The school fair draws almost organizations and its new website will launch this fall, deed as a hub of Chicago tips, parenting advice and events.

Neighborhood Parents Network is not a PTA; most families phase out by the time their kids are in kindergarten, when school communities start to take over. It is a little New parents network chicago all those things: the largest and most diverse parent network in the city, with three decades of insider tips on what New parents network chicago takes to raise on the potholed streets of Chicago. But in the early days, NPN reached new members with postcards alerting them to events in their area.

Her first daughter, Katie, was a few months old and she was having trouble finding other first-time parents amid the Wrigleyville bars and condos cropping up around the stadium. NPN had stopped sending out postcards by the time Cobb had her daughter in She and her husband were older than most first-time parents, and many of the friends she would have turned to had already done the panic thing. Meetings turned into mornings at the park and, as the kids grew, discussions about preschools over coffee. In the beginning, NPN was a loose organization run entirely by volunteers.

Locations and events varied from week to week. The wife of the pastor at St. Luke on Belmont was a member, so they started holding meetings in the rec room. Programs popped up in response to interest. A member with writing experience started a newsletter, where parents could take out classifieds for babysitters or advertise strollers for sale.

NPN also responded to issues of the day. As car seats became a hot topic in the s, the group started a program to educate parents on the new safety recommendations.

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When charter schools moved into Chicago in the early s, questions about education became more pressing, so NPN started a school fair. The first year, 20 schools, mostly preschools, attended. This year, nearly attended, and NPN is considering a similar event for day care centers. Earlier this year, its leaders met with Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman to talk about mobilizing city parents on behalf of new budget priorities. As the s have changed, so, too, have the New parents network chicago.

More than families attended an event in heavily Hispanic Pilsen in March, and over the years, the organization has sprouted play and support groups for single parents, adoptive parents, Asian parents, same-sex parents and dozens more.

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Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Parent to Parent: Neighborhood Parents Network thrives in changing times. June 21, Inthree Chicago Lamaze instructors found themselves overwhelmed with questions from expectant parents.

A growing community InNPN had families on its membership rolls and now stands at more than 4, Claire Charlton - July 22, 0. About us. Follow us.

New parents network chicago

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