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T he first time Brendan Girak knitted in public, he took a friend for support. In the park, I was concentrating on what I was doing. I was being really mindful and in the moment. Soon he was taking his yarn out in cafes, during college lectures, at the beach and down the pub. He reckoned I was using it to pick up girls.

But even off social media, there are s that other men may soon be ing him. The online community hub LoveCrafts reports a rise in young men crafting, with more than a third taking up some form of needlework during the pandemic including knitting, crochet and sewing. High-profile newcomers such as diver Tom Daley have recently ed their ranks. Once hooked, these new converts tend to give knitting their all.

Girak has knitted the complete set of 30 National Basketball Association team Man and sexy granny in park and baggy jumpers. Daley, meanwhile, has shown Olympian-level dedication to needleworkmaking booties for his son Robbie, a version of a Gucci dress for a friend and a pair of crochet swimming trunks for himself. Daley came to crochet after his coach encouraged him to find a way to recuperate between dives.

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Girak initially sought to alleviate boredom. My mum was knitting and I thought, I can do that. He was 24, and a combination of too much partying, a broken relationship and a sense of disconnection from his old school friends had taken their toll.

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Knitting was something he could do on his own, and it led him to a new circle of friends. It was just, do you want to grab a coffee and knit? Girak was fortunate to find a local knitting circle. But Williams Jr had more utilitarian reasons for getting into knitting: he needed something to keep him warm on early winter mornings, when he works outdoors with horses. So he got on YouTube and taught himself to knit a chunky, cable-knit Man and sexy granny in park. He set up a website, selling patterns and giving tutorials.

You can see how well-rounded the maker world is. As a teenager, Williams was already 6ft 3in with a full beard. As a tall black man, they assumed that I was going to play football. But I wanted to play instruments or perform gymnastics instead. Now, he recognises the same instinct in picking up his knitting needles. But, inspired by a granny Man and sexy granny in park his cousin had crocheted, Ogunlolu looked online for ideas. He followed YouTube tutorials and made vibrant beanies, scarves and a rainbow-patterned cardigan.

Men who knit in public can expect to attract attention, and Vincent Green-Hite actively invites it. He crochets small, stuffed yarn creatures, in the Japanese amigurumi tradition. Green-Hite started to crochet as a side hustle to his pizza delivery job. He has since managed to turn it into full-time work, selling des online and doing commercial tie-ins. Like his fellow crafters, he says it has boosted his wellbeing and allowed him to explore his relationship to gender.

Increasingly, knitting is being used as a tool for men to have a dialogue about masculinity, such as the Brazil-based collective Thread of Conversationwhich meets to knit and talk. Girak volunteers at a school, where he teaches knitting. We knit, and then we start talking about life.

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Man and sexy granny in park

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