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Magento 2 Custom Form extension helps store owners to create any forms such as survey forms, contact forms, etc to collect information for customers on the store sites. The easy configuration help you to customize any forms meeting your expectations flexibly. User Guide. Magento 2 Custom Form Builder allows store admins to save money on paper printing, travelling task to survey destinations, etc. Besides, online survey project takes time on average two-thirds shorter than traditional research methods. Information is collected automatically instead of having to wait for collecting papers of responses.

With Custom Contact Form, the data is not only collected but also is analyzed quickly and automatically. The total of responses, the total of each Magento form extension for a question, the percentage of options, the information compared via bar chart, pie chart, etc.

Therefore, store admins can easily take advantage of available analysis. With Custom Contact Form, store owners can create any forms with the content, layout, de as they want. The form definitely meet your expectations. Custom Contact Form allows online stores to place the survey form at any positions on site. Therefore, it helps stores collect information from any visitors when they visit the store sites.

Receiving any information from customers is Magento form extension ificant to stores. Merchants can do research, make plans to improve product, service, increase sales, and so on. Custom Forms Builder are placed on the store site, which is very convenient for visitors and customers to reach. They can give their feedback, ask for support, show their expectations, etc easily and quickly. When customers can give their feedback, Magento form extension more easily, the stores will understand customers better.

Customers will have a better experience when they find that they can reach the contact form anytime the need, feedback form anytime they have problems, etc. Placing question forms at store site is the way showing that customers are always listened to and taken care of. Survey form is used to gather information in many purposes. Contact form is used on almost all websites to help customers to contact stores when they need help or have any questions.

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A feedback form is a way in which customer feedback is obtained. Feedback forms help in improving products or services. The pre order form helps customers pre order the items which are upcoming or out-of-stock in a very easy way. This is the form to help customer give more details about their request.

It can be their notes or their custom request such as custom de, etc. With Custom Form Builder, store admins can create any forms to collect information from customers. The form can be customized easily and there is not any limitation about how much information created. The form can be Magento form extension or multi. Magento 2 Custom Form Builder offers fully format input types for each field so it is very easy for store admins to create unlimited questions and answers with any form they wish.

This feature is very flexible and helpful to make sure the format will match Magento form extension type of survey question open-ended questions, closed-ended questions, rating questions, likert questions, multiple choice questions, etc.

For example, you should use dropdown type for multiple-choice questions. It is very easy to create multi- forms in case you would like to clarify a long survey. The multi- form helps respondents easily follow questions and not be overwhelmed Magento form extension a long-list-questions survey. With Custom Form Builder, with just one click, you can add an extra quickly and easily.

Custom Forms Builder offers 5 commonly used form templates which can be applied instantly without any configuration needed. They are expected to be helpful to any store. The forms can be placed anywhere on store site to draw customer attention with the support of both tools: Snippet and Widget.

With Widget, the store admin can select the position of form from available list. Moreover, in another way, after saving a new form, Custom Forms Builder will offer a Snippet code which can be used to place anywhere to show the form easily at the frontend. The form can be shown at anyany position on a to collect as much as responses. Not sure about the appearance of the form at the front-end, you can preview the form any time when you create any updates. In details, ready-to-use Preview button will be willing to be clicked and show you how the form look like on frontend.

Therefore, you can make sure that the appearance of the form will meet your expectations. After customers submit their responses successfully, they will receive an auto-response as a notification. This feature is ificant to both customers and store admins. Depending on specific purposes, store admins can set the next step after customers submit form. Respondents can be kept on the current or redirected to a URL Magento form extension a CMS depending on the configuration of the store admins.

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Store admins can analyze collected of each form easily via Response Summary and Responses Detail sections. With Response Summary, store admins can Magento form extension the summary of all fields in the form. The data is displayed clearly with charts so the store admins can quickly assess the collected and make comparisons between various criteria. Besides, each response from one customer can be viewed fully via Reponses Details section.

Ready-to-use templates to notify customers after submitting form, and notice store Magento form extension after the form is submitted. Yes, there is a Preview button available at the backend. You can click it to preview the created form when you add a new field or any changes. Do you often visit us for purchasing extensions and technical support? Speak to April to learn about your exclusive benefits on Mageplaza.

I want to add more information in the forms but do not have much time to do it, so the ready-made templates really help. This is the first time I have used an exention from Mageplaza and I think I would come back. Thanks for the great extension. This extension makes everything easier.

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I created numerous forms and they looked beautiful. It's really important to collect information in that way. And I even can export those data. Great to have. The extension works very well and helped us to create different contact forms for different needs. It is very simple and intuitive to use. Best of all, our customers can send us files which helped us incredible.

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Custom Form for Magento 2 v1. Add your review. ETA: W Chat now. Buy On Marketplace. Request a feature. Add to Cart. Lifetime Update. Frontend Backend. You've just added this product to the cart: Custom Form. Checkout now.

You've just added this product to the Magento form extension Custom Form Pro. Cost and time saving for research. Information is collected automatically instead of having to wait for collecting papers of responses Therefore, store admins can save money and time effectively. Easy to analyse. Easy to style. Always get ready to collect information. Support to make better stores. Easy to connect with store. Better chances to be better served. Have better experience. Survey Form. Contact Form. Feedback Form. Pre-order Form. Customer Order Request Form.

Easy to create any custom forms With Custom Form Builder, store admins can create any Magento form extension to collect information from customers. On each of the form, there are: Field Groups the main information groups Fields each information sections of a group Content of a field. Diverse format input options.

Magento form extension

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