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Holmes or Johnny Wadd after the lead character in a series of related filmswas one of the most famous male adult film stars of all time, appearing in about 2, adult loopsstag films, and porno feature movies in the s and s, including at least one gay feature film and a handful of gay loops. He was best known for his exceptionally large, uncircumcised penis, which was heavily promoted as being the longest in the porn industry; its exact dimensions are, however, uncertain and the subject of controversy. Holmes also attracted notoriety for his involvement in the brutal Wonderland Murders inand for his death from AIDS.

Holmes was the subject of a long article in Rolling Stone magazine in and a feature length documentary, and the inspiration for two Hollywood movies Boogie Nights and Wonderland. Johnny holmes dick he has been the subject of numerous biographical films and documentaries, such as Exhausted: John C. Born in Ashville, Pickaway CountyOhioas John Curtis Estes, Holmes knew very little of his father Carl Estes, a railroad worker, who walked out on the family when John was three or four years old. John's mother Mary, a devout Southern Baptistmarried Edgar Holmes a few years later and changed the family's surname to Holmes.

His new stepfather proved to be a violent alcoholic who would come home inebriated, stumble about the house, and even vomit on the children. Mary Holmes later Divorced him, and moved to Columbus, Ohio, with her children where they lived on welfare for a few years. When John was age eight, his mother met and married her third husband, Harold Bowman. They moved from Johnny holmes dick and settled in nearby PataskalaOhio. After a few years of marriageBowman frequently beat Holmes, the youngest of four children, according to Sharon Holmeshis first wife. When John was 16, Bowman started to beat him yet again, but the strapping teenager instead struck back and decked Bowman, sending him down a staircase.

After asking for the permission of his mother, Holmes enlisted in the United States Army and spent three years in Germany in the al Corps. Upon his discharge, Holmes moved to Los Angeles where he worked in a variety of jobs, including selling goods door to door, tending the vats at a Coffee-Nips factory, and occasionally as a homosexual prostitute [ citation needed ].

It was during his stint as an ambulance driver that he met a nurse named Sharon Gebenini in December They married in the spring of For the next two years, Holmes and his wife, Sharon, lived quiet, uneventful lives.

Holmes found work as a forklift driver at a meat packing warehouse. However, the rigors of driving the forklift truck in and out of a large walk-in freezer and repeated exposures to inhaling the sub-freezing air in the freezer after being outside inhaling the desert-hot air caused severe health problems, leading to a pneumothorax lung collapse of his right lung on three separate occasions within the period of seven to nine months.

While recovering from his illness, Holmes frequented a men's card-playing club in Gardenawhere one evening, a still photogapher standing next to him at a restroom urinalnoticed his extraordinary penis size and encouraged him to do pornography. Initially during the late s, Holmes did magazine work and an occasional 8 mm loop, keeping his work in porn a secret from his wife. Johnny holmes dick was easier to do in those days; pornography production and distribution were semi-clandestine, there was no mass production of video cassettes or DVD's, and no Internet.

So, while the ad copy for his first few dozen loops rarely named him, those that did usually gave him a name that was nowhere near what his real first name was. In fact, one early "Swedish Erotica" brochure from has five Holmes loops listed, each of which has a different name referring to Holmes even though it is obvious from his facial features that "Fred", "Dave", "Rudy", "Big Dick", and "Stan" are all the same person. With the success of Deep ThroatThe Devil in Miss Jonesand Behind the Green Doorporn had become chic although its legality was still hotly contested.

Holmes was arrested during this time for pimping and pandering, but he avoided prison time by becoming an informant for the LAPD. InHolmes' career began to rise with a porn series built around a private investigator named Johnny Wadd. He starred at a time when an attractive personality could compensate for a lack of other aesthetic characteristics, and a certain amount of acting ability was still demanded of porn stars on a level that is not seen as necessary in today's porn films.

While his vocal inflection was arguably somewhat higher in pitch than one would expect for a "hard boiled private dick", most film critics and fans agreed that Holmes did demonstrate enough acting ability to keep the character of "Johnny Wadd" from being merely a banal, one-dimensional parody of Raymond Chandler 's creation, the tough and uncompromising private detective Philip Marlowe. By this time, his addiction to cocaine was becoming a problem, so much so that it was Johnny holmes dick to affect his ability to gain an erection. Despite his lack of acting ability, what made Holmes famous was his exceptionally large, un circumcised penis.

Holmes' first wife, Sharon Gebeninirecalled him claiming to be 10 inches 25 cm when he first measured himself. However, at the start of his cinematic career, he was widely publicized as having Johnny holmes dick penis ranging from So celebrated was Holmes' reputed penis size that it was even used as a marketing tool for films in which he did not even appear. Different attempts to objectively ascertain the actual length of his penis have led to varying.

Holmes' longtime manager, Bill Amersonthat "I saw John measure himself several times, it was 13 and a Johnny holmes dick inches". Veteran porn actress Dorothiea " Seka " Patton has claimed Holmes' penis was the biggest in the industry [1]though not all who had sex with him agree. Filmmaker Cass Paley stated in the Director's soundtrack to his Holmes biodoc, "Wadd" that "In the early days of his career, I saw Holmes fully erect and it was scary. He was huge. Regardless of what the actual length of Holmes' penis was, some people question whether he ever achieved full erections on movie sets.

Holmes that "as the joke goes, if John ever became fully erect, he'd lose consciousness from lack of blood to the brain because his dick was that big. And it's true that his Johnny holmes dick was never hard. It [having onscreen sex] was like doing it with a big, soft kind of luffa.

Penis length was not the only questionable statistic used in connection with Holmes. Inhe began to spread the rumour that he had had sex with 20, women. If you assume Holmes' first experience with a woman occurred at 16 as he claimed, then he would have had to have made love to different women a year—1. More realistic estimates, such as that of Luke Fordput the figure at around "only" 3, According to Holmes' Johnny holmes dick friend Bill Amerson in the documentary Wadd, Holmes lost track of Johnny holmes dick exact of women with whom he had sex.

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According to Amerson, Holmes became so fervent in spreading false publicity about himself that he also eventually lost track of what stories were true and which Johnny holmes dick lies; at one point in Wadd, Amerson recalls that Holmes, early in his career, told the press that a wealthy British socialite paid him to travel to England once a year and pleasure her for twenty-four hours. Later in life, Holmes fondly recalled to Amerson his adventures in England —which, of course, never occurred. While estimates of his on screen and professional sex partners range in the thousands, it appears that there were perhaps 4 or 5 women who actually were close to Holmes in his private life.

Holmes was reputedly meticulous in keeping his professional and private lives separated. In he married a young Johnny holmes dick named Sharon Gebenini. He remained married to her until In he met Julia St. Vincenton the set of his blockbuster film, Liquid Lipswhich was being produced by her uncle, Armand Atamian. Holmes and St Vincent stayed close until and the Wonderland affair.

St Vincent is the woman who produced the ersatz biographical film of Holmes' life, Exhausted. In he met a young year-old, Dawn Schillerwho was his girlfriend from through the Wonderland incident in She left Holmes in December when she turned him into police in Florida.

In Holmes met his second wife, Laurie Rose. They were married Johnny holmes dick Template:Detail Holmes's drug addiction began to seriously affect his ability to perform in porn, and producers' willingness to hire him, so he ventured into crime, selling drugs for gangs, prostituting himself to both men and women, committing credit card fraud and petty theft. Inhe met a year old girl, Dawn Schiller, who became his girlfriend. After Holmes fell on hard times, he later prostituted both her and himself. Dawn, who appeared in news stories as "Jeana Sellers" [6] [7] after Holmes allegedly once publicly beat her in Florida, [8] is not to be confused with Holmes's second wife, Laurie Rosea porn actress and so-called anal sex queen who was sometimes called Misty Dawn.

Holmes had developed a close friendship with drug dealer and nightclub owner Eddie Nashwho supplied Holmes with drugs he desired, principally cocaine. At the same time, Holmes was closely associated with the Wonderland Gangso-called for the location of their hideout; a rowhouse located on Wonderland Avenue in the wooded Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles. Holmes worked for the gang, frequently selling drugs for them. After stealing money during a couple of drug runs, Holmes found himself in trouble with the Wonderland Gang.

Allegedly in exchange for his life, he told gang leaders in June about Nash and a very large stash of drugs, money and jewelry Nash had in his house, and helped to set up a robbery which was committed on the morning of June 29, Although Holmes did not participate in the robbery, Nash apparently suspected that Holmes had a part in masterminding it.

After getting Holmes to confess to his participation, Nash allegedly exacted revenge against the Wonderland Gang. Two days after the robbery, in the early hours of July 1,four Johnny holmes dick the gang's members were found murdered in their rowhouse hideout in what is now known as the Wonderland Murders.

Holmes was present during the murders, but it is unclear whether he participated in the killings. Holmes had been incarcerated in connection with the murders, but released due to lack of evidence. He spent six months on the run with Dawn Schillerbut was arrested in Florida and returned to Los Angeles. The authorities, angered [ citation needed ] by Holmes refusal to co-operate with the investigation, charged him with committing all four murders during a robbery gone wrong.

But the prosecution's case was flawed from the start with it being physically Johnny holmes dick for one man alone to have single-handedly bludgeoned to death four people and nearly killing a fifth. The strongest evidence against Holmes was a hand-print found on a bed rail where one of the victims was found on, which implied that Holmes may have been holding onto the bed rail with his left hand while bludgeoning to death the victim with a blunt instrument with his right hand.

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But since Holmes frequented the house, his fingerprints were all over the house. As a result, Holmes was acquitted of all four murder charges on June 25, Holmes once again refused to tell authorities what he knew about the case, and stayed in jail until November for contempt of court. Holmes told friends and stated to police that it would profit him nothing to tell the truth because "someone he loved would die" if he did so see "Porn King". When Holmes was released from jail, he attempted to reunite with his estranged wife, but Johnny holmes dick was not interested.

According to Sharon Holmes"He said that he would change and get out of the business. I told him that he didn't know how to change. I remember this because it is the Johnny holmes dick time I said the word fuck and I told him Get the fuck out of my life. Holmes then sought to reunite with Dawn Schillerhis earlier girlfriend, who, unknown to Holmes, had gone to Thailand with her father, where she stayed for nearly seven years. She did not return to Los Angeles until several weeks before Holmes's death in Sharon Holmes divorced John Holmes Johnny holmes dickbut only after an IRS tax lien on Holmes and by proxy his wife nearly wiped out her finances.

When Holmes d work in porn in Novemberthe industry had begun the transition from film to videotape. Work was still plentiful, but less lucrative and he was no longer the premier male star. His drug addiction continued, as did the inconsistent performances on set. At this time, he appeared to have become disillusioned with the porn industry. His inability to gain an erection was becoming common and employers began opting for younger talent.

InHolmes and his younger half-brother, David Bowman, opened a combination locksmith service and antique shop called the Just Looking Emporium. However Holmes' drug usage soon took precedence over business matters and the company went out of business before the year was over. Later, after his murder trial and acquittal, Holmes began a business partnership with his manager Bill Amersonas they founded and operated a production company Penquin Productionswhere Holmes could be a triple-threat writing, directing, and performing.

Despite the notoriety and infamy associated with Holmes, he also devoted much time to charities involving the environment.

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He was known to even campaign and collect door-to-door for charities such as Save The Whales. The career of Holmes was promoted by a series of outrageous claims that he had made over the years, the most outrageous ones include:.

As Holmes' career started to decline, he starred in his only full-length feature gay porn movie, The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes, in Despite his appearance in this film, many of his heterosexual fans remained unaware that Holmes was bisexualhaving also had sex with men in some early loops and as a male prostitute outside the porn industry. Around this time he met his future girlfriend and wife, Laurie Rosea. Misty Dawna porn actress.

In the early s Rose was known by some as one of the industry's many so-called anal queens. Rose and Holmes met on the set of the film Marathon. Holmes chronicler and confidante Bill Amerson states that Rose commented that "I want to have all that up my butt " referring to Holmes and, in fact, off camera that did happen and Holmes and Rose became a couple from that point forward.

According to Laurie RoseHolmes claimed that he never used needles and was deeply afraid of them. However, many porn historians and industry insiders from that era have heard testimony from some of Holmes' fellow performers to the contrary. Some have first-hand knowledge of his heroin abuse and also cite on-screen evidence of visible vein damage to the insides on Holmes' forearms.

This damage becomes more apparent as Holmes moved from 8 mm loops to feature films, where the better Johnny holmes dick of the 35mm film stock showed the detail that grainy 8 mm tended to mask. Regardless of the nature of his addiction, other risk factors were present in his lifestyle, and there is no way to identify which of Johnny holmes dick led to his HIV infection. There has been speculation that experimentation with homosexuality —including the frequently mentioned rumor that he used the services of transsexual prostitutes—was the source of his infection. Other reports claim that, while in jail during the Wonderland Murders investigation, Holmes had at least one male-male sexual encounter with another prisoner who was HIV positive; the more gaudy version has jail guards bribing Holmes with better treatment, including beer and other contraband, if he would sodomize other Johnny holmes dick who either had violated prison rules or were known to be homosexuals and were the victims of sadistic games on the part of the guards.

To date, however, no clear evidence of any of these assertions has ever been offered.

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Holmes's first wife Sharon Gebenini and longtime porn friend Bill Amerson both dispute the rumors of intravenous drug abuse. This man was terrified of needles, absolutely terrified. So I knew it was sexually transmitted.

There is no other way". Amerson similarly states, "To those who claim to have shot drugs with John I say bullshit. John was terrified of needles. Some Holmes historians, including Luke FordAdair Carter and Amersonhave noted that evidence of Holmes' intravenous drug usage can be seen in frames from his last films. Closeups of his forearms in scenes where the lighting was suitable clearly show the type of venous discoloration associated with Johnny holmes dick observed in heroin addicts.

Frames from earlier films show the same damage, though to a lesser degree, and provide ificant evidence that Gebenini's contrary claims regarding Holmes' drug problem are incorrect.

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