Fun sex questions to ask your girlfriend

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Asking sexy questions is a fantastic way to start with the flirting process, but you have to know just how to do it without sounding too desperate yet still appearing very interested. Finding the right questions that will balance between interested and too eager is key. Awaken the sexual chemistry between you and your partner by asking them these flirty questions and find out all of their dirty truths.

You know you want to!

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Depending on how close you are with your partner and how far along you are in your relationship, choose carefully and move slowly from the cute ones to those that will make you feel like a legit porn star. Take sexting to the next level with this amazing list of questions to ask your girl below!

Do you want to spice up our sex life? Have you ever had a one-night-standand how do you feel about them? What is the naughtiest text you ever sent, and how was it received? What is your sexiest guilty pleasure?

Have you ever flirted online with someone you barely knew? I bought you some lingerie and I would love for you to model it for me.

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Will you? What is the thing that makes you feel good the most during sex? Do you like foreplay or do you like going straight to business? Are you into scratching? Do you like it when I pull your hair during sex? How can I make it more enjoyable for you? Are Fun sex questions to ask your girlfriend a screamer? If you had to choose one position for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? What do you want to do to me tonight? What is your bedroom naughty bucket list? Do you miss my touch? Which part of me do you miss the most right now? How would you feel about spending the night naked, talking dirty, but not allowed to touch for an hour?

Do you consider yourself a naughty girl? If yes, prove it. What are you wearing right now? Have you ever had freaky thoughts about your boss? Do you like it when I take you wildly? Are you aroused by the thought of fucking a complete stranger? What is your favorite sex position? Do you prefer younger or older men? Do you want to do it in your favorite sex position this entire week?

Not only these kinky questions will make him hot for you, but they will make you connect on a deeper level and make him feel safe around you where he can talk about absolutely everything. Is it a turn-on for you when other guys are sexually attracted to me? Do you like it when I bite you? Do you like it when I make the first move?

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What is the sexiest thing about your best friend? Are you into boobs or butt? How would you rate our sex life from 1 to 10? Do you consider yourself a generous lover? What is your most embarrassing sex story? Do you get an instant erection when you see someone naked? Do you dream of having sex with a set of twins? Part of the whole fun of flirting with the person of your dreams is testing just how far you can go while getting to know them on a new, deeper, and more intimate level. If you never had a girlfriend beforethis part can be tricky. Flirting is such a fun way to get to know a person and have fun in the process.

Test their boundaries, awaken their imagination, and deepen your relationship all at the same time!

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Now this list will surely satisfy the needs of both you and your partner as it contains some amazing dirty questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend. Use this awesome collection of dirty questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend and get them to open up to you. Of course, you can use the perfect excuse of playing a game of dirty truth questions to get your partner to talk dirty.

You can easily get it done by sending these as dirty dare questions over text! Ask away and see just how freaky and dirty your partner is and enjoy the perks of it. Tara writes and collects powerful, heartfelt stories and advice on what it's like to love, lose and finally, move on. She coaches people to deal with disappointment, confusion and fear brought on to them by their own complicated love experiences.

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Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend