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Post Ad Log In. Price Set. Top Sites freecycle. Clear Apply. Create Alert. Zafu round meditation cushion. I have a Zafu round meditation cushion made by Carolina Morning that I no longer use. It is 15" wide and about 7" high.

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It is filled with buckwheat hulls. There is an opening so you can remove some of the hulls if you want to make it smaller. There was a tear on the bottom that I mended with a patch that is much larger than the tear, but it doesn't show when the cushion is on the floor. There i I have a bunch of different sea shells that I no longer need. The group of shells includes a complete sand dollar and also a sand dollar that was broken open, so you can see the inside you can just toss that one if you don't want it.

We will do contactless pickup for this. When you are ready to pick it Free stuff in rochester mn, I will put it outside on my front door step about 30 minutes before your scheduled arri Free Storm door. Replaced our storm door. Three legged stand or small table. Circular top. It appears to be made of some wood-like compressed material, maybe Free stuff in rochester mn. Top is about 19 inches diameter.

Height is about 25 inches. Top has some water stain. Legs are sturdy wood, about 1 diameter. Legs unscrew for easier storage or transport. Not for use in wet or damp locations. It's shown outdoors because that was easier for me to take We have 3 old tube TVs that were working when last used that are around 19 Take one or all. We also have an old console TV in the basement but that one is heavy and hard to move.

If you would like one or all of them please let us know. We are planning to recycle them soon if nobody takes them. Please message for pics. Moving - multiple items.

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Household Items. Solid Corner Desk. Several years ago my husband decided to make root beer, so he bought a bag of bottle caps and a tool to put them on the bottles. The bag originally held bottle caps; there are probably at least 50 or more left. The tool looks like new. If you respond to this post, please check your spam folder later, as my response back to you may end up in Spam. We'll do contactless pickup. Laptop Computer. Older Dell Laptop. Running Windows Not fast but it works. Looking for used rotary brush to make scratching posts. Logitech webcam with manual. This Logitech webcam is a few years old but works well.

You'll need to download the software from the web and set it up on your computer before it works. USB plug-in. Vintage erector set - s. This is a small erector set, hence the "pocket" term in the name. It's from the late s, and part are steel and plastic. The manual has a couple dozen suggested projects, and there is a Free stuff in rochester mn wrench included for the bolts. The box is not the original box, in case someone is interested in it as a collector's item. Iso gooseberries. I am looking for anyone who has gooseberries either for sale or has plants that have fruit I can pick.

Limestone Rocks of all sizes. Free limestone rocks of all sizes and plenty of it. Example picture of just a few is Free stuff in rochester mn. Wooden Boat. About four years ago I picked up this wooden boat from a gentleman in NW Rochester. I have lost his contact information and would like to thank him again and share the pics of the restored boat. Please send me a message. Free Piano. Free piano The middle c key sticks but our piano teacher told us it's fixable.

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Help needed for elderly disabled neighbor getting ac window unit. I've had an elderly lady across the street from me ask for help getting a window air conditioner and having it installed. She said she will pay, but I know that she doesn't have much money.

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Just social security. She lives alone, no family and can't drive. She is pretty isolated. I help her with food for herself and her cats. She is limited physically. She can walk, but is not able to lift thing Floor lamp. Double size box spring. Double size box spring top is in very good condition.

Bottom has a small tear in it. Your Listing Here. Post Ad.

Free stuff in rochester mn

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