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Today Posts: I third that Totally agree. Just something erotically sexy about an average looking gal who gets into what she's doing. Reply With Quote. I'll take an average and enthusiastic looking woman every time over dead fish eye candy. It's always a balance of both. Agencies will always hire the eye candy type since it Escort review ct their traffic. They don't care if there's minimal performance because the complaints and bad reviews is not enough to affect their income.

They count on uninformed guys jumping on the eye candy wagon. Yesterday Except "speak good English" is grammatically correct. Speak good English. He's actually correct. English treats "good" as an adjective that typically comes before the noun it modifies. Guys, guys! Both are correct. If you are weary about Escort review ct 4 bills only see the girls that are ly reviewed. Some of the newbies have never ever done this before so that could be why there not great.

But don't complain if a girl is not reviewed it's always a rookie move.

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Tb If you are weary about spending 4 bills only see the girls that are ly reviewed. Posts: 7. TB Reaching Out. To me only 1 shot for 4 bills is totally and completely reprehensible. I will no longer attempt to reach out to TB anymore. With that price it ain't worth shooting the dice to see what you may get. Regardless, I've been reaching out to TB professionally and respectfully and they didn't even have the decency to reply once.

TB agency. Small World. I have a zero tolerance policy for bad service these days. Too many 'nice guys' are letting these ladies get away with just about anything because they don't want to drop a bad Escort review ct in case they ruin her rep, or come off as though they were the issue and make excuses for her I.

She was having a bad day, etc, etc. If I am paying for a service, it's not my job to coddle her and make her feel good. Too many of these ladies can't seem to distinguish between 'civvies dates' where the guy has to cater to them, vs 'provider dates' where they have to cater to us. Within Escort review ct boundaries. Left a Review. No surprised.

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She went by the name of Zaria at XOC, but they quickly let her go as she Escort review ct not performing up to agency standards and got too many complaints about lack lackluster service. There's a review for her over on the 'bgfe' site; just search Zaria of XOC. I agree with the other comment, you should let management know. I know that sometimes we don't want to rock the boat and come off like a complainer, so that we stay in good standing with an agency but if you don't say something they won't know.

At the very least they may talk to her. If they blacklist you for speaking up, then you probably don't want any part of an agency like that anyway. Brazilian Desires. Exactly what my hunch was. Thanks for the detailed report. I had a very similar experience with Milly Escort review ct week or week before can't remember. Stunning gorgeous girl, maybe the hottest I've seen in the biz, but lackluster performance.

Almost exact copy of this review with Adriana. Barely LFK, was removed after round 1, etc. For me looks are super important but the performance needs to be commensurate. If I have a beautiful girl but don't have free reign then it's almost worse that she's that hot!

Like what's the point. Just a wistful thought or two on a sunny Fri. I would not mind air brushing her a few times. Never seen a Frankie Valle like that in greater Hartford. Just imagine walking down W by Auto Zone an seeing her wave to you.

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Or showing up at USA Motel one night. An she opens the door Or arriving for the 7 PM nightly special at Burn an she opens the door. With Nicoles attitude. An all that for 60 to an loves to please. Even the Alpha girls were not this good. An just imagine some guy in Brazil is coming home to her every night. Ohh well Ill just have to dream an go see my New Britain Brazilian.

Just my merry two cents worth. Last Jump to :. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. They are few and far in between these days! I second that! Beat ya to it, MeliKey. Oh, I didn't say Garthy was incorrect, just that BushBaby was correct. Hope my tone doesn't come across as argumentative, I'm just joking around.

Anywho, It's Friday night and I got a few on my radar. Reports inbound on Monday. Therein lies the problem. It's no place for rookies who haven't paid there dues to earn that clientele. The agency shouldn't be hiring rookies and walk ons. They want their cut anyway they can Escort review ct it and Escort review ct be damned. Full speed Escort review ct. Reaching out to set up an appointment, or reaching out to complain about a model? I've been a TB client sinceand have experienced more gems than duds which is why I keep going back. I've chatted with some of the models about Lisa, and they say she is very nice but is also no nonsense and is quick to send a girl packing if she gets enough bad feedback.

From communicating with her via and text, I get the impression from her responses that she has no time or patience for lengthy correspondences, or any back and forth; when I've complained about the few models that I thought were not up to Escort review ct, I got no response; no did I expect one. I suspect she also follows the feedback on the review boards as Sabrina, who I had complained about recently and Ariana who also was not performing up to speed are no longer featured on the site. Welcome to the club! When they first came to Htfd, things were great.

Girls were all GFE and good attitudes. A few years later, they, or Lisa, developed an "I don't give a shit" attitude. After sending polite feedback, I was told to "get lost. Good riddance. I posted about this back in February, postwith more detail. I was a steady client for years. I notified the agency of my experience with Valery.

They were happy I spoke up. I'll admit, I didn't want to say anything at first because I didn't know how they will react. But it's definitely the right thing to do and I recommend other members do the same when service is lacking.

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The woman that runs desires used to be Lisa's assistant at TB. It's a great dream but remember some of the most gorgeous woman are generally the biggest headaches you'll encounter on a personal level.

Escort review ct

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