Definition of worried

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I have no worries about slinging it around camp or strapping it to the roof rack if space is tight in the car. It helps that EU lawmakers have already agreed to a giant stimulus spending package for the trading bloc, so that worry is off the table. McMansions are back, Definition of worried a big way, given the trend toward remote work — and thus the need for office space at home, and no worries about long commutes. The worry for influencers is whether their audiences would follow them over to Triller if they switched. Definition of worried, I worry that a simple traffic stop could have tragic consequences.

And the authorities also worry that the December fires are just the beginning. But in the days ahead he, his brother, and the others will be back in the street while their families worry at home. I wish this was the last time I had to worry about hunger and bombs. This is a well-documented phenomenon which does not worry specialists. In sheer nervousness, Hilda also dropped to her knees on the hearthrug, and began to worry the fire with the poker.

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His only worry at the time lay in the dark sky above and the blue-white stabs of lightning that promised an electrical storm. No, there was nothing to worry about as long as that relentless hunter of criminals known as the Black Hood kept off their tail. Matt began to appreciate the difficulties ahead of him and to worry a little about the outcome. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Fox Hunting. Verb Phrases. See synonyms for worry on Thesaurus.

The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz! Idioms about worry. Also not to worry. Worry, annoy, harass all mean to disturb or interfere with someone's comfort or peace of mind. To worry is to cause anxiety, apprehension, or care: to worry one's parents. To annoy is to vex or irritate by continued repetition of interferences: to annoy the neighbors.

Harass implies long-continued disturbance, torment, or persecution: to harrass a creditor. Words nearby worry worried sickworried wellworrimentworrisomeworritworryworry beworrygutsworrywartworseworse for wear. What are other ways to say worry? Words related to Definition of worried pain Definition of worried, apprehensionuncertaintymisgivingdoubtuneasinessmiserywoefearheadacheanguishproblemconcernannoydepressdisturbunsettleperturbbotherupset.

How to use worry in a sentence I have no worries about slinging it around camp or strapping it to the roof rack if space is tight in the car.

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Investors continue to push global stocks into record territory Bernhard Warner August 24, Fortune. WTF is Triller? Seb Joseph August 14, Digiday. Every Decision Is A Risk. Every Risk Is A Decision. Maggie Koerth maggie. Hilda Lessways Arnold Bennett. Derived forms of worry worryingadjective worryinglyadverb.

Definition of worried

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