Dating websites for weed smokers

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The news: It seems like there are niche dating websites for every interest group, from book lovers and sci-fi geeks to equestrians and people who are gluten-free or STD-positive. And now, there are new sites that match partners based on their love for a certain recreational activity: smoking weed. Enter sites like Singleswhich connects " friendly dating for singles who enjoy the freedom and benefits of Cannabis and or support it's legalization" and currently boasts around 23, members across the country, mostly on the West Coast.

The site allows users to list how often they smoke and what kind of weed they prefer, helping them find other users with similar tastes.

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And Singles is not even the only weed-friendly dating site around. A similar site, called mymate. They're not," Miguel Lozano, the website's founder, told Reuters. Pot use is more mainstream than ever, but still has a way to go. While Judd Apatow movies and Snoop Lion songs may make it look like everyone is smoking weed, there remains a lot of misinformation and stigma surrounding marijuana use; in fact, users of pot-friendly dating sites said the chief reason for ing such sites was to avoid the "all-too-frequent shock and rejection on the dating circuit" for being stoners.

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With the financial incentive of legalizing recreational marijuana, other states may soon follow Colorado and Washington's examples. But until pot use becomes a more socially and legally accepted activity in the U. By Eileen Shim.

Dating websites for weed smokers

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