Dating scan anxiety

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There have been lots of talks lately on the newspapers and online about scanxiety — someone created a fancy word to describe anxiety before diagnostic scans such as Dating scan anxiety and MRI. But does multiple scanning pose a risk to the unborn child? Going through these articles as a qualified sonographer with more than 15 years experience, i found out that they were full of inaccuracies, misinformation and scaremongering. Ultrasound is used in pregnancy since the late 70s.

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There were a few research publications suggesting that ultrasound might affect the growth of the unborn baby but with no conclusive evidence and consequent studies failed to duplicate the. The medical community, therefore, is suggesting that ultrasound should be used where clinically indicated. NICE recommends 2 scans at 12 and 20 weeks as sufficient during Dating scan anxiety pregnancy. A new study in England, however, shows that almost a third of expectant mothers are paying for additional private scans. So would you say to an expectant mother and her partner who had a miscarriage and sometimes, unfortunately, multiple ones, who are in the waiting room shaking waiting to find out if their baby has a heartbeat that is overreacting and suffering from scanxiety?

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I would say yes as the ultrasound Dating scan anxiety will either reassure them, that their baby is alive or at the worst-case scenario will confirm their fear but at least they will know and they will be able to deal with it. In very anxious patients, sometimes a quick scan is the best option for alleviating stress which is helpful in so many other ways. In our London ultrasound clinic, we do not just do pregnancy scans such as the early pregnancy scan, but we do a variety of other ultrasonic examinations such as abdominal, pelvic and musculoskeletal examinations.

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We assume that these clients are suffering from scanxiety too but all these articles concentrated on expecting mothers as a soft target. Never the less anxiety associated with the of a scan either ultrasound, CT or MRI between cancer patients is well documented.

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Some concerns on these articles arise from the intensity of the ultrasound beam and the length of ultrasound scanning. The intensity of the ultrasound beam is ificantly higher on 4D scans than 2D scans as is the scanning time.

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I am not aware of any ultrasound clinics in the UK that uses unqualified sonographers and as far as I know, most of the ultrasound clinics are registered with CQC. Nevertheless, the Daily Mail has compiled a list with tips on finding a reputable scanning clinic:. Any reputable firm will be happy to help. Your sonographer should be HCPC qualified. However if you are being pressured to buy more packages than you need or can afford, consider going elsewhere. Your ultrasound clinic will work Dating scan anxiety him or her. British Medical Ultrasound Society.

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Dating scan anxiety

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First scan (12 weeks) anxiety. Did anyone have this?