Dating a guy with a child

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Certainly not. The kids will always come first. If one of them got sick or he needed to be there for them in some way, our life was put on hold. It was difficult at first but I had to remember that kids deserve that from a parent. I knew he was worth it so I adapted quickly but I had to remember that I would never be one.

You need to share your time. New relationships go through the phase where you want to spend every waking second with each other. Once that clicked, I actually found it sexy that he could love someone so much as he does his.

I did want my guy to know that I understood his role as a parent so I would ask questions about them or their lives.

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I loved hearing him get so excited talking about the cute little things they would do. I wanted him to know that I was supportive of his little family. There will be an ex and she deserves respect.

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I honestly found this extremely tough and had to check my jealousy at the door. There were constant reminders of her, not only in the kids themselves but in Dating a guy with a child, photos, and so on. I remember fairly early in our relationship, we were at dinner and out of nowhere his demeanor completely changed from happy to sad. He told me that he missed going out to dinner as a family. Again, I had to hold in any jealous feelings and be mindful. I had to be very patient and let him feel those things. When it was finally time for me to be introduced to his kids, it was a slow process.

I chose to let them dictate our time together. I let them decide how they wanted to get to know me and it developed naturally the more we interacted. I still wanted them to respect me, so if it was something I could answer without feeling like I was overstepping, I would, but everything else I directed to their parents.

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It can show you a side of love that you may never have known Dating a guy with a child. Seeing him with his kids showed me that he had a great capacity to love people and to make time for them. He actually had his act together!

All of those earlier feelings of not getting all the attention and having to take a backseat to the kids on occasion went away when I learned how much this man was capable of loving other people. I felt really lucky to be a part of that and I still do. After spending time with my boyfriend and his kids, I noticed I would really miss them when they were away. I started to develop my own relationship with them and it was really special to me.

This helped me to focus on keeping our relationship strong. You must be pretty special. Overall, I knew that I had to be a person that meant a hell of a lot to my boyfriend. He wanted to make a place for me not only his life but the lives of his children. I was important, loved, and most of all, I was included.

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Dating a guy with a child

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