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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. The health clun is on the right just after Ohio Ave. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Each night I hooked up with a hot dude that liked some bubble butt.

Although the crowd is thinner, there are still lots of yummies. They only have a dry sauna and it is in the locker room by the doorway so everybody passes by. I got in a shower stall next to one of the guys and we both stroked for a while then when I was in the shower and across from me was this hot hung blond guy in his mid-thirties. As Cruising for sex denver was getting out of my shower stall to dry off, I could US Hwy.

Will be open again on Friday October 9th! It's a bit of a drive for me but worth it.

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The place was hopping. Bit hard to find you way around at first. Kicked it off being serviced on the ramp I really like the setup. I think there were four theaters in total, with good theater seating, plus a maze of arcade booths, There are four separate theaters [mdash] straight, gay, bi and trans [mdash] and a labyrinth of booths, most with glory Will back my hole up to the hole. Hope to get an uncut Latino or two as well as any others who need to feel the warmth of a clean hot hole!

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Not very busy but did get to suck a nice dick. I think the big plus for this place is the gloryholes. Some of the holes are small and higher up so are more like spy h Wish it were busy during the day noon to 2. Every now and then I get lucky and find a hot uncut Lat I took a load of cum in my mouth and I sucked him dry. He walked in and got his cock out so I took over from there. I licked it and then sucked him off. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 16 This place is very close to Inspiration Point and the same tired crowd that hangs there usually comes over here too.

Gave a married guy with a huge cock a blowjob and five minutes later shot my load in a bear's mouth. Action Cruising for sex denver good early in the morning or Guys cruise the lower parking lot off of Tennyson Road. Lots of daytime action. All types of guys. Not too safe at night though. Great blowjob actio I to Havana.

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Go south about a mile. Havana will become Moline and the park is on the left. Between Colfax and I and Peroria and Havana. From the parking lot take the stairs to the lower area and then go east on the trail at the bottom of the stairs. Lots of trees and places to play. Also, it has great views of the downtown skyline. However, it would be cool if more guys went there. If you park in the lot make sure you are out before sundown as Too bad because down below the overlook there are lots of trails and secluded spots for action.

It was sunny and warm, and there wasn't a dick to be found. Such a shame, such a great place to play! The staff are always friendly and make me feel Cruising for sex denver. The clentele is nice and the boyz always make me feel good. One very hot guy with an awesome long cock let Cruising for sex denver suck him off and then he asked me to rim him.

He then jacked his cum on Seemed to be quite busy on a Sunday as was posted. Over the time I was there I jacked off four guys: two in the shower, on I've seen as much sex here as I have at a bathhouse.

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Sunday afternoons are a regular jack off session almost. The staff is few and far between, but some 'hets' have gotten their n I've never seen anything going on, however, you can definitely tell people are checking you out. The action is in the steamroom. I jacked off with a nice-looking guy. Jacking the meat was all that seemed to be going on, but Most Cruising for sex denver Reviews Posted Sep 19 Lots of blow and go in the area where the younger trees are even during the day, north of the pavilion and south of that hut, almost in the middle of the park.

Not bad. Guys ignore rejections. Guys are inconsiderate. Seems like everyone needs an etiquette lesson. There are a lot of violent male prostitutes begging for money and telling scam stories. At the Parthenon there are drunks, homeless guys, and drug addicts. DPD circles around slowly, bot Posted Nov 20 This is not your father's cruisy Cheeseman Park! Trolls hide along the east side near the Botanical Garden.

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I guess it would be Ok I was there on July 17th around and a very cute skateboarder went into the handicapped stall as I was in the one next to it. I could see through the crack that he was jerkin Cruising for sex denver 11 am and 2 pm and then 5 to pm are especially good.

I've had several blowjobs under the stalls and fucked three guys at th Try lower down. Security keep Posted Mar 31 I didn't think anyone would be around for some hot fun when I stopped by around 7 pm on a Thursday. I pretended to wash my hands, when I heard a soft moan in one of the stalls. I looked underneath Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 19 Seems to be lots of younger guys who are not looking for older.

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Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 19 Now surrounded by chain link fence apparently in prep for demo. Too bad, was a fun, easy going place IMHO. He states that they have something called DVDs for sale and doesn't know what these are. He also mentions that there must be no ille On the surface, it seems like a great place. Spacious parking lot.

Cruising for sex denver

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