Business trip my hotel Greensboro North Carolina tonighttomorrow gj

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March 2, while City Chem-' uav1d k Ilelkay, who analyzed the wloHvw in the bonita. The spectators lettlod back in heir wits when the iliemist said he ,11,1 not think the cor. Twl-d said : "'After 1 w walked ir. Vhen Had plac ed the bombs, and Itfzan to alk out, the detective. Andrew Carntpi' and; other weiltiiv men. Sunday is Dress up in ioylis i utfit Bter. Condition Serious. The condition of Mr. Walker, one of Winston-Salem's honored citizens, continue- grave. Ho has been in a semi-conscious state for several days and no hope Mrs.

Jones, of coo'.

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Miss Salllfl Van Eaton, of Mocks-' ville, spent yesterday in tho city shop-; ping. Tavis spent tho day In Greensboro visiting her father. Miss Margaret Tick, of Elkin. Dan-' ville, Va. Laneer, of Burlington, was here on business yesterday, returning home this morning. Inge and two children left this morning for Richmond, to spend Easter with relative.

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Westbrook, of Charlotte, are spending a few days in the city at the Zlnzendorf. IMiss " Frances Hitchcock went to Reldsville this morning to is. Nat Walker, who is attending school at Trinity College, is spending Eas-ter with "his father. Harrington, of Philadelphia, left this morning for Greensboro, after spending several days in the city on business. Cox and daughter, Miss Pauline,- left this mroning for Reldsville where they will spend Master with relatives.

Thurmond Chatham lia.

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Chatham at the Zlnzendorf. Shepherd and children of Slab Pork, W. Va- arrived this afternoon and are the guests of Mrs. Sheppard'4 sister, Mrs. Whit-1 tlngton. Miss Mary Kurfees, of Cooleemce, ; passed thru the city yesterday en route noma from Greensboro, where i she is a student at the Greensboro Col. Barnes and two laugh- ters, Mrs. Garrett and daughter,! Perry and children, Jim?

I this would not comply with the pro-i Cr. WatkinsJias returned from, V isions of the city charter, which l Stewart, Va. Ambler or thisaction thirty days before the election. I city being the engineer. The election is to be held on May 4,! Williams and Miss Mat- and the petition will be presented to llfi Kdgerto-n, of Guilford College, and the board at Its meeting tonight. F lynt. H fli ,'! The bridge ; terno"n or"e w,esVT" '"V? It was talk- on the streets this morning that he "movie man" would be on the joli t Prince Albert park tomorrow at- rnoon.

He will photograph the incipals in the Winston-Salem mov- interviewing.

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Manager Clancy and also take a picture of "Happy" niith, doing his base running spec ify. Mary P. Uynum, who resides North Liberty street. This good iman, who is one of the city s orl- t citizens, has been a cripple for veral years, otherwise her health is Inarkably good for her age. There 1 be a family reunion at the oi l nestead on Sunday in honor of Hynum's birthday anniversary. Twenty-seven of these o among the white race and mg the colored. The largest nuiu- of deaths occurred between the Y of one and ten years, there being Ten deaths were caused by tuber.

Cannii hael. He will move his y to Greensboro the lirst of next They are splendid ami deserv- pular citizens and the announce- that Mr. Carmichael iT'il. Paul Mont. The act provides that ,i term ghalRjfr one week, but it is thought thaUt' judge will be required to sit ont t. Don't Delay. Come early before the rush is on. In Icsk than five mm- tivo inlliii'iicM wh.

Htit i' is. The I'. Tht lun? It rnUHrs 1hj 'inn ,i nivtl;t i of Htranirc but well- "tid'-rt 1 cm 'tiuHf'lt. H ,il Ml luei-ocvtos Ih. Shore will spend a few Indestructible. Ambler and tho' ,'flVB with his father. Shore, president of the Vlncennes Bridge! Chairman Mickey and his board jterday. They were ed by their together with representatives of the j sister, Miss Copella Hunt, who Is a local press and many citizens went I student at the Greensboro College for oat to the river this afternoon. Women, und who will spend Easter jwlth her parents, Jfr.

The new Lp,eniad mlcct. H8 ln tilljn? The T gx. It Is Business trip my hotel Greensboro North Carolina tonighttomorrow gj j There was a good attendance at the that Mr. Stockton will be editor of the! Paul's Kptsco-paper. I pal church today, Rev. Teller Cocke, I rector, preaching a most impressive nauiK. KermoI, o, mil eommandment. Thev have tli 'J new lines that add tone to I "fpearance of this popular ear. He presented the great love of Christ for man, j allowing how this love led him to alife of service to HLs fellow-man.

While j Ho could have served Ills own inter- csts while on eirth, lie gave Ills lif" ; for the uplift of tho people of theworld, finally suffering death on the! It was a most solemn and Impressive service. Last night Holy Communion ' was observed and the service was at-; tended by a large of commun. Tamaa' TT -1 1 V. James' Hcsd- 'li" rmv. Samuel Smith.

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Tobacco Co. Ruckcr-Falish Co. Reynolds ,at 2U. The meet In8l city Democratic executive con to uetltion the board of al "lerii rail. Hessi nt,Ihlsloon at 4 o'clock. The movement began yesterday and Is like- ,T. Use like cold cream to Subdue! Any breaking out or irritation on the! I fi'veri-di, can I readily over- business men of tli city generally.

I'I sulpliiir in-: pl"" "rC 't o to 14 Day iiit! U the i gJ. SVrotn I-iv ma n-l t up h aving tm- kin clear the fir application givn km and Rett. ItiAf Mtiliiir bi iH-ciipiid ' i seen re pouMKiii for vaiiy ,-i-ars in, tin- 1 1 ittim-iil' if ciitineon dikorders he-i ini'. While not alniiys i'talUnliing a pi'mianent cure ,i ti, i'i fail i to tutxluo the iU-liing.

Business trip my hotel Greensboro North Carolina tonighttomorrow gj

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