Above ground pool hook up

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in. The pool filter is the most important part of your pool and is essential for the health and safety of you and your family. While the chlorine or salt content in the pool will kill bacteria, the filter removes the bacteria and debris from the water, keeping the pool safe and pristine.

Knowing how to Above ground pool hook up a pool filter is a useful skill to have. You can replace a pool filter as needed to ensure it is always running at optimal performance. Plus, you can save money on a professional installation by installing a pool filter yourself.

This guide provides a description of each type of pool filter, information on pool filter installation and tips for installing each kind of filter. There are three types of pool filters for both in-ground and above-ground pools: a sand filter, cartridge filter and diatomaceous earth D. Each type has different a filtration mechanism, lifespan and maintenance needs.

The filter transfers the filtered water into the chlorinatorwhich then releases the water back into the main body of the pool. If your pool has a water heater, the filter will release the water to the heater before the chlorinator.

If you are installing a sand filter or a D. When planning your pool filter installation, ensure you have an ideal location for the filter. The location should be easily accessible for future cleaning and maintenance. You should also have a suitable location in mind for the wastewater line to release.

The pool filter will need to sit on a solid, level surface; a concrete slab is ideal. Tip: When connecting threaded PVC piping, wrap the threaded sections of the pipes in one to two layers of PTFE thread seal tape before screwing in the pipes to better seal the connections and prevent Above ground pool hook up in the future.

Knowing how to install a pool filter is an important part of pool maintenance.

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Return to this pool filter installation guide whenever you need to replace a pool filter or want to install a new type of filtration system. The Home Depot Logo.

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How to Install a Pool Filter. Pool Filter ". A too-large pool pump can overpower the cartridges and push Above ground pool hook up through without filtering. Before installing the pool filter, turn off the pool pump. Typically, you will screw in the pressure gauge first, using a wrench to firmly secure the nut on the last few screws.

Next move on to putting together the internal lateral piping. Once assembled, place the pool filter into position to connect it to the existing pool lines. If you are replacing an existing pool filter with an exact match, then your piping connections should be ready. Thoroughly clean all the pipes and hoses before connecting the new filter.

You may need to cut the PVC pipe to size with a hacksaw. There should be at least 6-inches of pipe for each connection. Prime the new pipes with a thin and even layer of PVC primer. Apply the primer only to the areas that are to be ed: about 2-inches on the outside edges of the pipes and the insides of the fittings. Allow the primer to dry. Apply PVC adhesive over the dried primer and immediately the pipe and the fitting. Slightly twist the pipe in its fitting to help spread the adhesive evenly, and then allow Above ground pool hook up dry for at least seconds.

This line may be one that first connects to a heater, chlorinator or both. If your filter requires backwashing, connect the waste port to a wastewater hose that le to an appropriate disposal area.

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Allow the piping to set for at least two hours. Turn the pool pump back on to test for leaks in any of the new connections. Once the pool pump is on and there are no leaks, check the pool filter pressure gauge. Record the initial pressure reading. When the pressure gauge shows an Above ground pool hook up pressure 8- to psi above this initial pressure reading, it is time to clean the filter.

Before running for the first time, backwash the filter with the pool pump off. Ensure the wastewater line is ready and releases water in your chosen location. After backwashing the filter, turn the pool pump on and set the sand filter to the filter setting. A cartridge filter does not backwash, so it does not have a wastewater port or line.

Make sure that wherever you place the cartridge filter, you have enough room to lift its casing up and off when you need to clean or replace the cartridges.

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Wear a dust mask and work gloves whenever working with D. Apply a layer of D. For an in-ground pool, add 1-pound of D. For an above-ground pool, add 1-pound of D. Always keep D. Related Guides. Explore More on Homedepot. Concrete Deck Block. L Reducer Molding.

Above ground pool hook up

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How to Hook Up a Sand Filter Pump to an Above Ground Swimming Pool