343 halo mcc matchmaking

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I just don't understand why we can't search at anytime during the day to play ranked, specifically Ranked Halo Reach? I'm under the impression that you guys only allow us players in North America to find matches during peak times? And then when we do find a match and the match is over, the whole lobby resets and if you're unlucky to be selected for the next match, you have to wait until the players who did get selected for the next match, for their game to 343 halo mcc matchmaking over before you can count on the possibility of you getting into a next match 343 halo mcc matchmaking.

I know this because I have to look at my most recently played with list to see whether the people I just played with are still searching or if they found a match before I did and if so, wait to see when they finish so that I can hope to get into a match in the next few minutes. I have been siting here for 30minutes so far waiting for a match while I type this up. And this is everyday, that me and the other people who play have to wait for so long to find a match when clearly we're all searching for one.

Because of these long search times and having to wait until 8 p. I just want to understand what the problem is? Surely there's an answer ? Show More Show Less. Could be because reach isn't a popular game especially when it comes to ranked. But try backing out and then going back into a search.

If it goes over five minutes or so for me I always back out and search again But I only play social which is more popular than ranked.

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LethalQ wrote:. Clueded wrote:. Matchmaking worked for individual titles. For MCC, the custom game browser is the way to go.

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MCC is the most fragmented community of any FPS in history with 6 titles, each with their own of subgroups. It is not a population problem, it is a grouping problem.

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We need a way to self-promote and self-conglomerate. Matchmaking just makes the problem worse.

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Players are available, just inactive until we can actually play the games that we want. Since the 18 when I was only able to play one match in 5 hours, I haven't been able to find a Reach team hardcore match in the past 3 days. At this point, I look on my recently played list and the hardcore players ive played with are starting to not even play halo anymore because of this.

Reach Ranked died pretty quickly, it's not suited for competitive play. It sucks and I'm annoyed, but at least we have Halo 2 to look forward to. XxEyeSpyUxX wrote:. If someone has a 50, with the reset don't lose it, it's not fair, if you get another 50 that appears in your player details. There are several issues with ranked matchmaking right now, all of which are contributing to 343 halo mcc matchmaking problem: It takes about wins without losses to earn a 50 in any ranked playlist.

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Most people who grew up with Halo have jobs now and do not have time to grind that hard, and so many of them don't even bother searching because they know it will take forever to climb up the ladder. They just don't have the patience to play that many games. The name "Competitive Games" drives less-skilled players away from ranked matchmaking due to the stigma around the word "competitive". Name choices like this one lead me to believe that 343 halo mcc matchmaking psychology is not taken into in MCC. Additionally, any match unranked or ranked can be competitive, so the term is not exactly accurate.

They should just call it what it is: Ranked Matchmaking. Several of the playlists use bad team matching rules. The result? Pubstomping at its worst, and an easy road to high ranks. There is no fairness or true competition. H3 Team Slayer uses a better system where larger teams teams of 3 and teams of 4 only match each other, and the playlist so happens to be one of the most successful ones in the game; however, i has not incorporated this team matching system in the other 4v4 ranked playlists.

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Until they apply better team matching rules in 4v4 ranked playlists, people who do not have friends to team up with will stay the heck away from ranked playlists. There is a lack of variety in ranked matchmaking at the moment. This would be remedied by the inclusion of some rotational ranked playlists, but there are several issues that might prevent their success.

Firstly, player service records do not display highest lifetime ranks like legacy Halo 3 did on the Xboxso whenever a playlist rotates out, the rank earned in that playlist disappears. This cheats players out of a status they worked hard 343 halo mcc matchmaking acquire.

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Secondly, the long grind I mentioned in my first point does not encourage players to rank up in playlists that are around for the short-term. If the system in MCC was a bit more like that of legacy Halo 3, perhaps 343 halo mcc matchmaking playlists would achieve success more easily. Last but not least, the hidden MMR in Social Games makes playing ranked matchmaking essentially pointless. There are almost no incentives to play ranked matchmaking when social matchmaking functions in almost the exact same way.

Ranked environments should be the place for fairer matches, and social environments should be the place for quick matches with much looser restrictions. It is unclear whether i plans to address any of these items, but until they do, ranked matchmaking will continue to suffer. I was all about rank back in the day, but I don't grind and team and skrim with others to do ranked.

Ranked on Reach the first week was amazing, but after that, ehhh, I don't really care that much anymore.

343 halo mcc matchmaking

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